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Top 4 Tools to Help Master Your Event Business

The event industry grows by over 1,000 new planners each year. And for every new-comer, there are new ideas, new perspectives, and a new approach. One thing that I have found holds true whether you’ve been creating events or managing an event team for a decade or for a year– is the concept of creating and managing so many moving parts without absolutely losing your mind…(and playing it cool in front of your client)! We are all looking for that event planning tool that elevates our business.

No more barely holding it all together or overpaying for services that are supposed to make things easier and don’t. What if you could actually keep it all together, plan, organize, and optimize every aspect of your event business!?

Yes, it’s entirely possible and I’ve been doing it for a while now. I wasn’t fortunate enough to have a list of secret tools and went through a ton of trial and error. But you’ve got a business to run and clients to keep from panicking. So, here are 4 tools and tips to help master your event business.


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When it came time to uplevel my event business I had to find a way to share my expertise with those new to the game or still finding their way to success. Podia gave me the perfect platform to create courses, memberships to exclusive information, and the perfect digital storefront for my event content.

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If you find the expertise that gives you a competitive advantage–master it, exploit it and create an online course that is not only a lucrative extension to your event business but a way to expand your professional portfolio. Podia makes it easy to earn money by sharing knowledge

In the near future, I’m going to use Podia to create an exclusive coaching experience for members only. Creating a membership site has never been easier with Podia’s creative and strategic approach to help you customize an unforgettable membership experience for your audience. Podia handles the design and backend so that you can focus on content that will grow your online event business.


Asana is a task management software that you can invite your entire team to use and quintessential event planning tool. Create tasks as broad or as specific as you want, and assign them to individual team members. For example, you can delegate a task to your graphic designer to create an image for Instagram, then create a subtask for your social media manager to post it. I refer to it as my team’s digital vision board.

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Each individual gets their own dashboard where they can see just the tasks assigned to them. This cuts back on overwhelm and burnout. Each member will see the full project dashboard and view all tasks regardless of who they’re assigned to.

Let’s say you’re planning a conference for a Holistic Wellness Summit. As you know, there are tons of areas that need attention in planning a conference, and with Asana by your side, you can break it down into bite-sized steps, complete with deadlines and reminders. Keep your events and team organized and on time with this one-of-a-kind tool.

Free Asana Printable ChecklistI’ve created an amazing tool to help you identify your set up on Asana if you are planning an event. Download my checklist to get a jump start in planning now!

Event Coach/Mentor

In the early stages of growing your event business, you feel simultaneously empowered and completely lost. I remember powering my way through some of my first events but I knew I wasn’t being as creative or strategic as I possibly could. Years of experience and skill-building have changed and improved my approach completely. But, the journey was so much more effective because of the coaching and mentorships I’ve received. For the times I knew my event business was ready to uplevel but didn’t know which direction to move forward with, my coach considered my short and long-term goal, and gave me the tools to strategize my way to success. Now, I proudly coach event planners like yourself in the very same way.

It’s great to attend events, network, and be a part of an event industry community, but having a personal event coach and strategist is quite literally game-changing and the fastest way to discovering and actualizing your business potential.

Active Social Media Outlets

In my blog post on event marketing strategies, I go into detail on how social media can transform how you reach your audience for an event and sell out tickets. Beyond marketing an event, use social media to represent you and your brand. It’s the ideal way to engage with your audience and distribute valuable content. Don’t ignore social media, the home to filters and hashtags may be exactly where you position yourself as an event business authority. Speaking of which follow me on Instagram and Facebook!

These tools are meant to increase efficiency and productivity. It’s up to you to use them in ways I have in order to expand your event business.

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