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Producing Your First Event? Here’s What to Outsource.

Wondering what to outsource for your first event? This post will help.

A lot of people producing their first live event think they need to do it all themselves. That’s a quick recipe for burnout. And, seeing as how a recent LinkedIn survey uncovered that 90% of planners have experienced burnout or stress (with over ¾ saying specifically yes to burnout), it’s time to start putting support in place where you need to.So, where do you even begin with outsourcing? Here are a few things to consider…

Typical Roles You Can Outsource

One thing you want to start considering is where you need help. It’s not easy to self-reflect, but to outsource effectively, it’s important to consider your own skills gaps. Is it taking you 10 hours to build a landing page for registration? Perhaps you’ve been dabbling in sponsorship but not getting any responses? Identify the areas you’re struggling with, and start there.

Here are a handful of typical roles you can outsource to contractors and freelancers pretty easily.

Digital Marketing & Graphic Design: For the planner struggling with getting butts in seats.

Digital marketing is a whole new world. But for many, digital ads are required to capture attendees’ attention. Hire someone who knows how to create a digital marketing strategy, as well as a graphic designer who knows how to make visuals that will capture attention in a second or less!

Virtual Assistant: For the planner struggling to stay organized or get all the things done.

While all planners are typically organized, when you reach a state of serious overwhelm, it can be really hard to keep everything straight. A virtual assistant can help execute contracts, schedule meetings, respond to emails, and literally anything and everything you need support with, they can assist.

Copywriter: For the planner struggling to find the words for presentations, marketing emails, blogs, etc.

Many planners don’t realize just how much writing is involved in event production if they’ve never done it before. Think about the signage, the speaker bios and session overviews, the marketing email funnel, and the presentation slide decks. That just barely scratches the surface! Hire a writer to help take those creative, brain-consuming tasks off your plate. Plus, if they’re good at what they do, they’ll increase your attendance too.

Sponsorship/ Speaker Acquisition: For the planner struggling to land big names.

Sponsorship and speaker acquisition are seriously time-consuming. But it can also make or break your event. If you don’t have quality speakers, you won’t have attendees. And without attendees, you won’t have sponsors. So investing in expert support to help you land big-name sponsors and sign speakers at great rates for topics that resonate with your audience is a key strategy for success.

Day-Of Production: For the planner who needs more on-site support.

If you’ve got it all down in the pre-planning phase, but as you’re running through your run of show, you realize you do not have it all covered for on-site, you can hire other planners to help with the execution day of. Just make sure they’re briefed, walkie-talkied up, and ready to hit the ground running!

Where to Find Reliable Contractors

One reason a lot of event professionals don’t outsource is it’s time-consuming to set up job requisitions on Indeed or similar job sites. It’s also a bit harder to find reliable individuals who aren’t looking for full-time work, just gig work or part-time roles. That’s why going to job board sites where you can just post a requisition easily and quickly, hiring right on the platform, is much easier. Plus, all these sites have rating systems and testimonials that will give you a pretty good idea if the individual is dependable and talented. Here are perhaps the top two freelance sites where you can search for talent:


You post gigs, individuals apply, and you hire your best fit.


Freelancers have packages you purchase in advance, and they deliver.

These sites are pretty low risk, high reward. So, why not give it a chance? We have found some of our most valuable EBA talent on Upwork and other similar sites!

Not Sure if It’s Time to Outsource? We Can Help. 

If you’ve read this and you’re still not sure if you’re ready to outsource to produce your first event without a hitch, read this recent blog about signs it’s time to ask for help. It should help you determine what steps you need to take next. If you decide it’s time for help, we’re here for you! Schedule a complimentary 20-minute strategy sesh today!

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