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Outsourcing for Event Planners 101: 5 Signs It’s Time to Enlist Help

you're going to need coffee to host your first event

Event planners want to do it all. It’s in our nature to have control. But sometimes, the key to success is enlisting a little help and trusting others to provide the support you need. I know, I know, “outsourcing” is a dirty word for many Type A planners—I get it, I was one of them. But sometimes to manifest big growth, you need experts on your side that can help you out. 

Here are a few ways you can tell it could be time to enlist some help…

You’re Up Until 3:00 A.M. Running Through Logistics

Can’t sleep and sitting in your living room with a cup of coffee and twenty different Excel sheets open? Close that computer, friends. I’ve been there. When you’re running a large event, whether it’s hybrid, virtual, or in-person, there are so many logistics in play. And no one person (unless they’re some sort of superhero) can keep that all in their brain without going mad. You need assistance with marketing, on-site execution, attendee communication, staffing support, etc. Delegate leaders to help with logistics on your team or find a 3rd party professional that can lend support without any hand-holding required.

You Can’t Seem to Land a Sponsor to Save Your Life

Sponsorship is integral to any event strategy. Depending on the type of event you’re producing, it could be the money you need to pay for the event production, or it could be the icing on the cake that will make your event uber profitable. Either way, they’re essential. But sponsorship is an entirely different ballgame than event planning in a way. It’s sales, disguised as an event checklist item. So, if you’re not a salesperson (let’s be honest, a lot of event professionals aren’t experts in this), it’s time to find someone who can help you land the deals you need to keep your events moving forward.

You’re Having Dreams About How to Clone Yourself

When you try to go to bed at a regular time but wake up from a nightmare about how you cloned yourself to be in every separate breakout room at once, while also manning registration and running the tech check for the keynote, it’s time to enlist help. You can search for a team that can support you with content, audiovisual, registration, room blocks, meals, etc. There’s no way one human can be in all those places at once when executing. So, in reality, by enlisting support to manage those areas of your event, your event will be more successful with less chance for a snafu on-site. 

You’ve Been Voluntold for 10 More Events This Year

With virtual events freeing up a lot of resources in terms of planning lead time and event production spend, a lot of management teams are throwing last-minute events on the calendar in bulk. And as a team of one or two planners, you can’t navigate that solo, even if your organization is telling you that you must. Advocate for yourself and bring in a team that can help support that growth, so you can focus on getting butts in (virtual or real) seats for your increased event schedule.

You’re Learning & Executing at the Same Time

While a lot of times event planners are indeed Jacks of all trades, there is a point where you need to push learning to the background and let the experts take over. In the day and age we’re in, virtual event production has become much more sophisticated. When talking about outsourcing for event planners, this is the #1 thing we recommend bringing in assistance on. Our Eventistry by Alecia team wouldn’t be complete without our on-staff tech guru who knows how to do all the things that come along with internet connection, audio quality, visual cues—the list goes on. As event planners, it’s our job to find the best people to help us with the job, and this is a prime example!

EBA Has Your Back, Planners! Outsourcing for Event Planners Doesn’t Have to Be Scary.

Whether you own your own events business or are a corporate planner or an entrepreneur looking to grow their events strategy, you’re all planners at heart. So I get that it’s sometimes hard to give up those reigns and trust that someone can support your vision the way you need them to. But I’m here to tell you that when I first saw major growth in my business, I wish I had enlisted help sooner. Why? Because I would have grown even faster. Eventistry by Alecia’s team has been hand chosen by me—Alecia. You can trust us to have your back and make you look good for your stakeholders and attendees. Outsourcing for event planners isn’t scary when you enlist the right help.

Let’s chat about your current event struggles, and how we may be able to support you! It’s time to end those sleepless nights, friends. 

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