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Top 3 Hybrid Event Trends for 2022

What hybrid event trends for 2022 are you seeing? We want to know!

Can you believe that we’re already halfway through Q2? Since we’ve checked off the first quarter, today we want to talk about what trends we’re seeing as hybrid continues to dominate the event scene. Now, we knew hybrid would be a popular option this year as clients are eager to meet face-to-face again. This, paired with the fact that nearly ¾ of planners want to keep virtual elements in their events, was a good indicator of the hybrid success we’re currently seeing throughout the industry. So, what are the top hybrid event trends for 2022 that we’re seeing? Let’s take a peek…

Data & Analytics Are #1

While data collection was always a huge factor in the success of a live event, the hybrid event world has truly embraced the world of data and analytics to uplevel events. Teams are analyzing the attendee registration data before they even set foot on site (or appear on the screen) to cultivate meaningful event experiences. This means more speakers that are of interest, more engaging networking opportunities, and ultimately, a higher number of repeat attendees once they’re satisfied. 

Here are a few data points you must collect for your upcoming hybrid event – both before, during, and after:

  • Name & Contact Info
  • Company & Job Title
  • Age
  • Location
  • Sessions Attended
  • Session No-Shows
  • On-Demand Streams
  • Number of Booths Visited
  • Live Poll Responses
  • Page Views
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Networking Event Attendance
  • Session Engagement Ratings
  • Chat Activity Levels
  • Revenue Channels
  • Sponsorship Dollars
  • Sponsorship Leads
  • Resource Download Stats
  • Net Promoter Score Post-Event
  • & More!

It’s important to create a plan for what data you want to capture to lay the foundation for future events. The best way to learn about what your audience wants for future hybrid events is by looking at your data! Remember, while looking at general hybrid event trends is good, it’s important to pair trends with your audience data for ultimate success.

Asynchronous & On-Demand Content Delivery

Asynchronous workflows have become all the rage with hybrid work situations once people realized just how many hours a week they were spending on Zoom calls. Let’s be honest, no one has time to sit on meetings all day long. This style of work means more email and fewer meetings, more Slack, and fewer texts. It’s not as immediate, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

Now, asynchronous hybrid events are when the virtual and in-person portions of the event don’t happen at the same time. This may sound counterintuitive, but in reality, a hybrid event is any event that happens online and in person. It doesn’t need to be simultaneously, even though that’s what we at first thought.

For example, you can provide the live recorded sessions in a special VIP digital access bundle after the event for year-round engagement with the event and even more customer conversions and profits from one singular event.

So why is this format becoming popular? Because it solves the major pain point of integrating and managing unique audiences in two places at once. Our jobs as event planners are difficult enough, so this simple shift solves a lot of the problems that arise from standard hybrid events. Do we still love standard hybrid events? Heck yes, we do! But, this offers a unique opportunity for those looking to build long-term communities year-round and those with limited staff.

Want to see an example to fully understand this leading format in hybrid event trends? Check out this IBTM World case study!

Focus on Physical & Digital Security

With the world going online for a couple of years, cyber hackers have become an even greater issue globally. In fact, throughout the pandemic, cybercrimes jumped nearly 300%. Now, when you’re hosting an event and accepting payments, you’re holding a lot of sensitive data. Your attendees are trusting you to keep their personal information safe. For that reason and more, it’s just as important to have a cyber security plan as it is to have an in-person health and safety plan. 

Now, for the in-person health and safety portion of your hybrid event, while COVID-19 infections are waning, many people still aren’t entirely comfortable with zero restrictions. If you want to bolster your attendance, be sure to include testing or vaccination requirements to participate. We have actionable tips in this recent blog for managing the in-person portion of your event during COVID.

Need Help Planning Your Next Event with Hybrid Event Trends in Mind? 

The EBA team has been living and breathing hybrid events for the first quarter of 2022, and we can’t wait to get on the ground and help more companies bring their hybrid event visions to life. There are no hybrid event trends we can’t implement, and we’re ready to produce some six-figure success stories with you in 2022 and beyond. Let’s chat!

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