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Audio visual for events can be confusing, here's what you need to know.

Last month, we shared how venue sourcing has been compared to The Hunger Games. Today, we’re sharing how audio visual for events

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In 2022, we all saw it coming—a massive shift in demand and difficulty with venue sourcing. But things have only gotten more

Let Us Reintroduce Ourselves - Event Management Services

We’ve seen a lot of new faces in our world since the pandemic and the introduction of virtual and hybrid events. And

Event pricing strategies are more important than ever to recession-proof your business

After paying nearly 7 dollars for a dozen eggs this weekend (no, they weren’t even organic), there’s literally no question that inflation

what's your year-long sponsorship strategy to land event sponsors?

As we await a potential recession with live event costs increasing by the day, many clients are asking us to help strategize

Event production isn't easy. Here's what you need to know to ensure your event is successful!

Are you getting excited to host your first live event post-pandemic? While it should be like riding a bike, some planners are

Audio visual for events can be confusing, here's what you need to know.

When clients have conversations with our planners, the number one question they ask recently is, “Should I host a live event or

Wondering how to prepare your event business for a recession? We have tips.

No matter where you’re located in North America, you’ve likely started to cringe every time you fill up your gas tank and

Wondering what to outsource for your first event? This post will help.

A lot of people producing their first live event think they need to do it all themselves. That’s a quick recipe for

Do you have a plan for social media risk management? If not, read this.

We’ve all heard of risk management assessments for in-person events that involve the safety of attendees. But have you considered your social

Chat GPT for event planners

As an expert in 6-figure event strategies, our Eventistry by Alecia team knows a thing or two about diversifying your live event

Hosting your first live event? Read this first.

After years apart, live events are now back on the scene. The most recent NorthStar Meetings Group Pulse Survey from June uncovered


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