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Hosting your first live event? Read this first.

After years apart, live events are now back on the scene. The most recent NorthStar Meetings Group Pulse Survey from June uncovered

Wondering how to repurpose content from your live events? This may help...

We’re living in a world that is so information-driven that if you’re not leveraging your event content post-event, you’re missing out. Events

Need an event sponsorship activation? Tips from the team are inside this blog!

Our EBA team has a handful of global planners who specifically focus on creating innovative event sponsorship activation ideas for our clients

Sustainable events are leading the charge, are you prepared to make a difference?

Live events are back, baby! We couldn’t be more excited. But as we do move back to in-person meetings, one thing to

Augmented reality for events is trending, are you ready to offer it?

We’ve just spent 2+ years experimenting with and leveraging cutting-edge technology for virtual events. So, now that we’re back on the show

Planning a transformational group mastermind retreat isn't easy, but these tips will help!

You’ve definitely heard of “The Great Resignation” at this point. Droves and droves of people are leaving their full-time, brick-and-mortar jobs behind

How to use influencer marketing to leverage your events!

With the rise of social media, it’s no secret that how we’re able to market our products, services, and events has changed.

CurlyCon 2022 was a great success!

You better believe that when an event planner channels their passion to produce an event that means something to them personally, it’s

In-Person Event struggles are real, but we can help!

While events are coming back, it’s more slowly than surely in many cases. As a result, you can’t expect to have the

Hybrid event speakers, this one is for you!

Being a speaker at a conference or event is an exciting responsibility. But whether you’re a professional motivational speaker or a subject

Planning an event strategy for the upcoming quarter? Make sure all your events are inclusive events.

Our world has undergone many changes in the past decade. One of the most important is the need for acceptance, empathy, and

NFTs for Event Sponsorship & Engagement are the newest event trend you need to know.

You’ve probably been hearing the word NFT a lot in the news, podcasts, and social media these days. And if you’re like


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