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Expert Tips to Create the Perfect Virtual Event Sponsorship Media Kit

In a world where sponsorship spending reaches nearly $70 billion dollars a year, it’s time to show us the money, friends! As event planners and corporate execs, it’s important to realize how vital sponsorship is to your event success and your overall business success. The first step to virtual event sponsorship success? 

An engaging and impactful virtual event sponsorship media kit. 

Many people start spinning their wheels when the word “virtual” is thrown in front of event, but honestly, there’s no reason for that! 

Event professionals are scoring their sponsorship value for virtual events only a 6 out of 10, so even though these sponsorship opportunities are seemingly similar, it’s obvious we have some work to do. This is we’re going to share with you the foundational tips to building the perfect sponsorship media kit that will provide value for both your business and your sponsors. Ready for it? 

What is a Virtual Event Sponsorship Media Kit?

Ok, well, before we dive in let’s back up for a second. What the heck is a virtual event sponsorship media kit? It’s essentially your all-in-one guide to sponsorship for your event(s) that’s shared with sponsors to pique interest in your company and event. Easy peasy! 

How to Build a Sponsorship Media Kit for Virtual Event Sponsor Prospects

When you’re trying to sign up sponsors for your event, you’re selling. You wouldn’t walk into a sales meeting with zero collateral, so why would you ask someone to sign up for a sponsorship without showing them a snazzy, well thought out guide to why they need to sponsor at your event? 

Here are some things you need to consider when building out your virtual sponsorship media kit: 

Impactful About Us & Our Event

Sponsorship, sales, and business in general—what do they all have in common? They’re all based in relationships. So, spark that connection with an intriguing, inviting, and beautifully designed about us page to really help you shine against your competition.

Tiered Sponsorship Options

No business is created the same, so why should a sponsorship be the same? Start with basic tiers, just as you would an in-person event, and build up from there. You can even offer a la carte sponsorship add-on options to snag some extra dollars and allow sponsors to really get everything they want from participating in your event. Remember, sponsors are there to get clients, they want to see ROI, and they need intriguing sponsor offers to sell them on participation. Think exclusive VIP events, extra branding, a commercial add-on—upsell, upsell, upsell, friends!

Data Talks

Please, please, please include the numbers! Data speaks. Especially when it comes to those who are at the decision-making level of big dollar sponsorships. The reason sponsors pay big bucks to attend events is they want to get in front of new clients. Yes, there are other reasons too, but lead gen is number one. Show them your demographics, show previous successes, show data that will persuade them that your event is where they NEED to be this year to meet their goals.

A Lil’ Bit of Creativity…

Do not offer boring sponsor “perks” that aren’t going to provide value. Jazz up your offers with fun options that will be hard to say no to. Check out our blog with creative virtual event sponsorship ideas to really level up your offerings! To come up with these creative options, you can even get your sponsor prospects involved. Send them personalized surveys asking them what they’d want to see in terms of sponsorship at your upcoming meetings and events. Then, you know you’re giving them what they want. That’s a creative solution that will help you win some extra brownie points, and dollars!

…But Also Get Back to Basics

Yes, you have to get creative, but it’s also important not to forget the basics. Businesses that are going to be most successful in their virtual event sponsorship are those who take what they did at in-person conferences and translate that value to the virtual world. It’s not as hard as it sounds, promise! If your conference is typically networking heavy, offer creative virtual networking options. If content reigns king, make sure sponsors can present breakouts or offer their white paper downloads to all attendees. 

Make sense? Don’t forget this and try to go a little too “over the top” with your virtual options.

Closing the Deal

With all these tips, you’re on your way to crafting a delightfully intriguing sponsorship media kit that will have sponsors flocking. But it’s important to remember one thing. Your sponsorship media kit is meant to start conversations. It’s not meant to close the deal, that’s up to you and your charming personality. You must show them that this matters as much to you as it does to them. Make sure they know you’re here to give them what they need from your sponsorship and be flexible with what’s outlined in the kit! 

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