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Let Us Reintroduce Ourselves: Who is EBA & What Do Our Event Management Services Entail?

Let Us Reintroduce Ourselves - Event Management Services

We’ve seen a lot of new faces in our world since the pandemic and the introduction of virtual and hybrid events. And with that, we get a lot of questions about who Eventistry by Alecia is and what our event management services entail. So, we figured, why not do a blog about it!? 

Today, we’re going to get into the nitty-gritty details of our expertise, why we’re different than average event companies, and give you the opportunity to book a free strategy call so we can work on your events together. 

Ready for it!? 

Who is Eventistry by Alecia? 

Well, Alecia May is our founder, hence the namesake, no surprise there. She’s a Certified Virtual Event Strategist, Event Coach, Host of the 6 Figure Event Podcast, and our pioneering CEO. After 15+ years of owning a brick-and-mortar and working in events, she took her entrepreneurial journey a step further and started Eventistry by Alecia. 

In the past seven years, she has grown it into a global event business powerhouse that helps clients plan productive, profitable events across the world. In fact, Alecia has produced over 700 virtual, hybrid and live events worldwide and helped procure over $10 million in event sponsorships, supporting entrepreneurs and small business owners in landing deals from companies like Microsoft, Google, Amazon, LinkedIn, IBM, Expedia, Capital One, and more.

Her clients include NASA, The Food Network, Alzheimer’s Society of Canada, Microsoft, Upwork, and Porche.

Fun Fact: Her most recent accolade is being awarded the  2022 Connect x BizBash 40 Under 40 honor, which is well-deserved if we do say so ourselves.

What’s the EBA Difference? 

We serve clients much more deeply than your average event company. We’re not just event planners. Yes, we’ll order the linens, review the BEOs, make sure the AV is set up properly, so your attendees rave, and everything goes off without a hitch. But we’ll also make sure it adds to your bottom line, and doesn’t retract from it. We are experts at producing profitable events for clients’ businesses. 

While events can be amazing for relationship building and PR efforts, they can also be massive revenue generators if planned intentionally. That’s the approach we take with our clients, and why we offer the extensive strategic event management services we do.

What Do Our Event Management Services Entail?

So, what are those strategic event management services, you may be asking. Let’s break it down into three areas: general event management, sponsorship management, and marketing management. The trifecta of a successful event, as we like to say. 

Full-Service Event Management for Live, Hybrid, and Virtual Events

Under this umbrella of full-service event management for our clients is where all the “traditional” services an event planner may offer fall. Here’s a list of what that may entail: 


We love a good venue search or virtual event platform showdown. Your venue and platform are the foundations of your event, and they need to tick all the boxes. But, making a shortlist, negotiating contracts, ensuring all requirements will be met can take a lot of time. 

We have experts on the team that will listen to your vision, determine your needs, and play matchmaker! 


This is what many event planners focus all their energy on. We’re talking about transportation, design and ambiance, creating show sheets and running rehearsals. We do it all! Anything that plays a piece in your event, we’ll manage. And, if you’re not sure even where to begin with all the logistics, we share our expertise based upon your event vision with proposals catered to you.


Event technology can seem like a different language if you’re not well-versed in the industry. What the heck is a lapel mic, why do you need an input switcher, how many power bars will be sufficient… the list of potential questions goes on. 

Our team has a go-to checklist that has helped us produce and manage tech for hundreds of virtual and live events. We manage it with you to ensure that there are no glitches the day of your event, and we can manage it for you the day-of, too. We 10/10 recommend having a tech manager that’s not with your venue or on your team. It can be highly stressful without one!


While your speakers may be experts in their field. They may not be experts at taking the stage (live or virtually). Our dedicated speaker concierge can run trainings and dry runs. They will learn how to use the tech, ensure presentations are good to go, etc. For virtual events we can even ship custom-made speaker preparedness boxes with all the necessary technology to ensure their tech is up to snuff.

Event Sponsorship Management

Sponsorship is our forte. For years, Alecia ran a sponsorship mentorship program, teaching her expertise to marketing and events professionals across the world. Now, she has dedicated team members (trained by her) who will strategize, procure, and manage your sponsorships.

They’ll work with you hand-in-hand to create a list of those dream sponsors, create a plan to speak to them in a way that will pique their interest, get them on a call (and nail the call, of course), and then, once you have all those dream sponsors signed up, they’ll make sure they’re getting the most out of their investment with a high-touch concierge-type service. This is what gets them to sign on again and again, skyrocketing your financial return.

Event Marketing Management

Influencer contracts have you pulling your hair out? That’s just one of the many things that our expert marketers on the team can help with. 

But that’s not all. Our team can help strategize your social media promotion strategy, help you find the pricing sweet spot to market and gain registrations, and more. We’ll make sure you have those butts in seats (literally and figuratively) to achieve the success you’re seeking in your events.

These services, and everything we’ve mentioned above, is fully customized to your unique needs and goals. We offer a very boutique style of planning where you receive the personalized attention you deserve and need, to get the ROI you’re dreaming of for your live, virtual, and hybrid events.

We Plan, Prep, & Produce to Make Your Events More Effective 

In short, our event management services over planning, prepping, and producing with an expert touch. We’re more than planners. We are strategists that will help you reach six-figure success with your portfolio of experiential events in any format. All of our event management services are entirely customized to the client’s unique requirements, as no two events are the same.

We offer complimentary 20-minute strategy calls to examine your current event strategy, provide tips and tricks to enhance your ROI, and will share how we can help. Sign up for yours today

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