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9 Apps for Event Planners to Optimize Productivity, Organization, & Efficiency

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As a professional managing multiple events simultaneously, your brain is constantly going in a million and one directions. How many times have you had an epic activation idea or seen something on site that you know you need to fix for next time, taken a note about it, and then when you go back to find it, you have no idea where you put it. We’ve been there. But when you employ the right tools, you’ll never have to experience that again! We chatted with our CEO & Founder, Alecia May, who has planned thousands of events over her career. Here are the top apps for event planners that she recommends everyone use! 

General Organization Apps for Event Planners

Google Calendar

Now, we’re not just talking about putting in your meetings and walking away. To effectively use Google Calendar, you need to elevate your practices. 

First, create a new calendar within your calendar for every client or event. Color-code each with a unique shade. This way, you can easily see what you have for that team at a glance. Just check or uncheck the box to the left-hand side of the calendar to see the view. 

Next, make sure you’re using all the capabilities. For example, tasks are an awesome way to have a running digital to-do list. Each day, put your most pressing tasks atop your calendar and mark complete as you go. Not only is it efficient and effective, but you’ll also feel pretty dang good seeing all those checked-off tasks at the end of the day! 


This one is specifically great for those who have their own event planning business. Inc. Magazine dubs it as a “perfect business tool for solopreneurs,” it literally does all the things. You can manage tasks, marketing, process payments, communicate, etc., all in one spot. Talk about the epitome of organization! 


No one in this world can keep all their passwords organized in that head of theirs. There are simply too many platforms, tools, and apps today to keep it all together. Except if you use the same password for everything, which we all do, but it’s not super secure. Lastpass is a safe app for holding all your passwords. So let’s free up some brain space, shall we?


Zapier is a pretty epic automation tool that allows you to connect all your important existing tools and platforms. With automated workflows for event planning, business operations, and communication with new and existing clients, you’ll free up time and headspace. They offer over 3,000 integrations with programs like Slack, Google Drive, Calendly, Mailchimp, video conferencing platforms, and more. In addition, their site offers some tips and tricks. Since every business is different, you can customize it to suit your unique requirements!

Note-Taking Apps for Event Planners


Do you know that scenario we chatted about earlier? This is what solves that. When an idea sparks or you remember a task, you can put it in Notability. But it’s not your average notes app. You can make voice notes, take a photo and turn it into a note, sketch a diagram for a room layout to put your creative inspiration “on paper,” and more. You can also benefit from the Notability Gallery, where others share how they use it, with downloadable templates so you can use the idea if you think it would be beneficial for you.

Project Management & Team Communication Apps


At its core, event planning is super complex project management. That’s where Asana comes into play. You can manage every aspect of the event planning process, from logistics to communications to execution, all in one spot.

Once you put together one flow for an event with all the necessary tasks, you can copy it and use it for another event. It makes it easy to master your planning process and duplicate your strategy, so you’re not reinventing the wheel every time. The amount of time you’ll save is life-changing! There are also a lot of Asana experts out there that you can hire to build your Asana flows for you and show you how to use them. Sometimes, outsourcing and paying a little is necessary to save your sanity and time. So much so that we wrote a whole blog post on when to outsource. Check it out!


Is your email inbox a hot mess on any given day? We get it. That’s where Slack can make things a little easier. It’s a streamlined messaging app where your team can easily send a direct message to you where you can respond. And you can even reply from your email if that’s more your style. It allows you to have real-time conversations get quick answers and responses that may typically get lost in the crazy world of email inboxes.


Everyone’s schedules are crazy these days. Sometimes, it’s hard to get on a call with a teammate or event client, but you have something you have to share. Loom allows you to record a video with a screen share feature so you can explain a project or task or even give your client an overview of planning progress without having to hop on a call. It ties a voice note with a visual, which is super effective for easy and clear communication! 

Event Planning Apps

Planning Pod 

As we get back to in-person events, Planning Pod is a great option for those trying to keep all the things clear in one place. It allows you to track deadlines, put together workflows, create floor plans and diagrams, track your budget, share show sheets, and more. Of course, it would be great for hybrid events, too!

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Once you’ve downloaded all of these must-have apps for event planners, you’re going to be ready to level up. So, what comes next? Follow a pro for even more juicy tips, tricks, and recommendations. Come hang out with Alecia and the team on Instagram and Clubhouse. You’re not going to want to miss the daily nuggets of inspiration and knowledge drops!

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