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5 Advantages of Hybrid Events You Need to Know

As we start to look forward in the world of events, many are starting to wonder what their 2021 or 2022 event strategy should look like. Most have heard of hybrid events, but many are apprehensive about learning how to plan yet another new style of event. This is understandable, but when it comes to hybrids the advantages far outweigh any potential negatives.

This can be seen in the sheer number of organizations starting to add hybrid events to their event strategy. Over 70% of large companies will be hosting hybrid events as a part of their portfolio, and over half of smaller companies. So, what’s all the hype about? Here are the top five advantages of hosting a hybrid event, and this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Greater Reach Across Your Target Audience

Why not go global? When you offer a hybrid event your reach is quite literally limitless. You can stream your event to engage attendees from anywhere in the world, not just your little corner of it. This year, Microsoft signed up 200,000 people for a virtual summit and HPE brought in attendees from 175 countries. These are just two examples of thousands of success stories brought on by adding a virtual component to an event.

Dual Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship is the top way your company can really produce impressive ROI with your events. Now, with hybrid events, you are by default doubling the opportunity for sponsors. If not more, because virtual sponsorships are much more robust and lucrative than on-site signage and options that not all attendees are going to see. Our full Virtual Event Sponsorship System can help you generate a sponsorship kit to reach 6-figures.

Increase in Actionable Data & Analytics

More attendees logging in or interacting with virtual components means more data! This is a win because the more data and analytics you have, the more opportunity you have to improve and leverage that data for the future. Use it to make your sponsorship kit more appealing, maybe switch up what is offered virtually and what is offered in-person, bring back a couple speakers and let a couple others go. Use your data as actionable information you can use to improve every facet of your event! This is much harder with the in-person events, but is getting easier with the introduction of on-site mobile applications and more innovative event tech.

Flexibility with Venue Sourcing

If your attendance goal is 5,000 people, that’s going to weed out a lot—most—of event venues to hold in a single locale. But, if you’re to decrease that to 1,000 on-site and 4,000 virtually, you open the door for more variety when it comes to sourcing your live event venue. While still maintaining the reach and impact you’ve set out for in your event strategy. This can help cut costs substantially as well, because while production can be pricey, on-site labor, setup and rental fees, food, and service fees usually add up to be more. So, it’s also a way to level out your budget!

More Options to Leverage Post-Event

Whether you’re pre-recording a breakout or keynote to “live stream” during your virtual event or recording a live in-person session that’s being streamed for virtual attendees—when doing this you’re curating content that lives on. Use this content for paid opportunities after the event! Consider using snippets to promote future events or leverage content in an upcoming virtual or live training. The options of what you can do to leverage that content you’re capturing can turn out to be a huge ROI booster for your company.

Ready to Plan Your First Hybrid Event?

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