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Why You Need an Event Planner for a Small Event

why you need an event planner

I love hearing “Why do I need an Event Planner if I’m throwing a small 50 person event”? Small events and gatherings are the cornerstones of a growing business. Everything needs to be perfect. A misstep could mean lost business and opportunities. As an entrepreneur or the sole business owner, these small events are crucial. An event planner is necessary for success, no matter what you think you know!

Even the non-business event will benefit from having an event planner. With the right ideas and patience, an event planner can improve any event.

Better return on investment

Return on investment (ROI) is a business term that calculates the financial return on money invested in a business decision or activity. Spending money on an event planner may seem like a wasted investment, but it is far from it. If you think of an event planner as a needless expenditure, you will lose money. Here’s why.

An event planner is not an expense – it is an insurance policy. As a small business owner, you would not start a business without thinking of some sort of property insurance. Otherwise, you are taking a costly gamble. An event without the use of a professional to guide is a gamble.

You might be successful or you might lose out on potential. If you have a lot of stock placed in an event, do not take the gamble on your investment potential. Make the right investments and see your business grow!

Quality results

People lead busy lives. Trying to plan an event on top of everything in your personal and professional life is maddening. Especially if you find organizing frustrating, you will benefit from some extra help.

If not, your life stretches a little too thin. When you add something to your already busy life, something will unfortunately suffer. We are only humans, after all. With an event planner, there is no extra stress. They handle everything. An event planner increases your chances of a successful event than if you planned it yourself. You have all the input without having to stretch yourself too thin.

Less stress

There is not much else to say, here. Hiring a planner means not having to do the work yourself. Doing the work yourself means stress; therefore, you have less stress if someone else does the work. You cannot ask for more. It makes sense to delegate the work to someone who is a professional with the time to devote. Let’s be realistic – who doesn’t want less stress in their life?

Bragging rights

This one may seem silly, but it is important to consider. Whether your event is a gathering of business professionals or a small intimate gathering at your house, you want to throw the best event. It is alright to indulge that desire. Most people want to throw the event that gets talked about for years.

Think about it. How nice would it be to have all your friends mentioning your event in comparison to others? On top of bragging rights, it is always a nice feeling to bring a little fun and joy to your friends and business acquaintance’s lives. Everyone wins.

More organization

If you are someone that cannot wrap their mind around the idea of organizing a party, you need someone’s help. Relying on friends is nice, but they have their own lives to handle, too. An event planner plans events for a living. It is their passion and expertise.

  • They know how to organize a guest list.
  • They can tell you how many drinks to order for the number of guests attending the event.
  • They know how to arrange the room and how to time everything to perfection.

The perfect event may seem like an unattainable dream, only achievable on Pinterest. It’s not. You can have the event you desire. Remember – an event planner is an investment into the success of your event. If you want to leave it to chance, then take the gamble. If you want better odds, make the best bet. Hire an event planner 🙂

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