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Tips to Soulful Speaking at an Event

As the big day for your important event approaches, it may be hard to think of all resources you have at your disposal to make it a killer experience for your attendees. It is easy to get overwhelmed by all the planning and the execution and forget about your most valuable resource – yourself!

How you treat your body will affect your mind, and how you treat your mind will make or break your body. If you are a woman running a business, the mind-body connection is undeniably a notion that you have packed somewhere at the back of your brain. You may borrow it from time to time or you may even be dedicated to self-care as a routine.

That, by itself is awesome. But at an important speaking event, you are mostly likely to think of everyone else before yourself and forget that you actually need to breathe, get a glass of water or even go to the bathroom!

As a speaker, you are your most powerful weapon. Even when you entrust the logistics to an ace event manager, you are still the key player. Replenishing your energy while limiting your stress should be your top priority and will make the rocky road ahead look like a meadow in springtime. Neuroscience and business do go side by side. If anything starting with ‘neuro’ raises the hair on your head because it sounds too complicated – relax. Mind-body connection practices are very simple. Use them to play to your advantage on the day of the event, and they can help you elevate your public presentation to new heights.

Tip #1 – Become your smooth-talking friend.

Stress is occasionally a good thing. It can help you meet that speech deadline or help you make that difficult decision about your event. This is how you want to use it. You don’t want to let it keep you awake at night before the big event! Get rid of your pre-event stress by becoming aware of the thoughts you choose. The choice of a can-do attitude and encouraging thoughts will be vital not only for the success of the public speaking event, but also for your business in the long-term. Mindset goes a long way.

Ask yourself this question: “Would you talk to your best friend this way”? If the answer is “no”, shift gears and start with more positive vibes to your awesome self.

Tip #2 – Plan active personal breaks.

This is not about the breaks in the event agenda. Sure, they may happen at the same time with your personal timeouts, but it is important that you actually use them for yourself instead of getting into the role of event organizer and start mingling in the crowd.

Your brain must reboot. Walk away from the venue. Let your event magician take over and do the grind. Replenish constantly. Take a snack or devour in a full meal. Whatever is your fuel – fill it in! And, take a note – this is not a diet plan. A 12 oz burger for one person is the same as a 12 oz wheatgrass-kale-lemon-spirulina shake for someone else. Indulge in whatever keeps your vibe alive. Go to that empty room next to your workshop to stand tall, get some air and improve your posture. I have a business partner who does squats series during event breaks because they help her pump up some blood to her cheeks and make her glowing and motivated. If calling your mom does you good, do it!

Tip #3 – Practice the real event speaking scenario.

Do you get the chance to arrive at the speaking venue before the attendees? Great, use that to practice an outstanding speech delivery. If you have a friend with you – even better – pester him or her for support and feedback. Your event organizer can always be your grounding person and provide last-minute help.

I have a friend who has a powerful visualization technique that helps her avoid stage-fright when all eyes are on her. When she faces the audience, she pictures attendees’ heads as cabbages. Another friend imagines people as babies whenever he gets angry at them. It helps him lose the anger and alleviate the stress.

Choose a method that will diffuse the situation, and, while you choose your visualization technique, please don’t forget that you have your story to tell the world, so take a deep breath and take the stage.

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