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The Future of Events: What Does it Look Like?

The question all event managers, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and the world has been asking recently is, “What does the future of events look like?” We’ve just gone through a world-changing pandemic that has forever shifted the way we work, the way we live, the way we play, and perhaps most affected—the way we meet. So, what does the future of events look like? At Eventistry by Alecia, we think the future of events lies in hybrid and virtual. And you know what? We’re not alone. Huge organizations like Forbes and Event Manager Blog have both shared their same opinion—we aren’t alone, and we know that these styles of events are here to stay.

Top 2 Reasons Why Virtual & Hybrid Events are the Future of Events

Why? Let’s chat about that.

The Reach of Virtual & Hybrid Events Far Exceeds In-Person Events

There are select types of venues in this world that are built to host tens of thousands of people for a multi-day meeting or conference. That said, marketers, event planners, and entrepreneurs have realized the reach they can have for their brand when they add virtual events, or hybrid events, to their event strategy. Yes, live events are great for creating those one-on-one connections and deeper interpersonal relationships. But when your goal is reach and awareness and impact, virtual and hybrid events provide greater opportunity for that. Cvent recently did a study that shared hybrid events alone have the chance to multiply your attendance by 3-10x at minimum.

Business is Going Remote

Remote work during the pandemic for most organizations, 80% in fact, was successful. This is huge for the future of what the business world looks like. Due to that success and increased productivity, remote work is becoming the norm. Meeting virtually is becoming a staple in daily business operations and will continue that way. Over 75% of companies surveyed by SHRM said that they’d be offering hybrid work options post-pandemic, with options for working remotely or in the office. This will shift the way teams meet, connect with their customers, even where they’re based. This will have a direct impact on the future of events!

3 Trends for Events in this New Era of Events

Whether hybrid, virtual, or live in-person, these are the event trends we see being top of mind in this next chapter:

Event Tech

There will be no more 90s-style presentations accepted in this new world of events. Production quality is now key to attendee experiences. It is also the key to connecting those audiences that are live in person as well as logging in from afar. Having an event tech partner to help you with logistics and production quality will be critical for overall event success. Mastering your event tech will be an art form everyone needs to embrace.

One-of-a-Kind Micro Experiences

The neat part about virtual and hybrid events is the opportunity to create something magical, regardless of your location. You can bring your small group to Africa or Italy, all with the click of a button. It provides a lot of opportunities for destinations and those looking to create immersive experiences without necessarily having everyone on the road. Plus, over the past year everyone has realized that true engagement comes from unique offerings and experiences so this is a way to capitalize on that with your target audience.

Leveraging Metrics

Now that most have at least a year of virtual event data and metrics under their belt, it’s going to be time to use that to really grow your event scale and impact. What did your attendees love? What did they want more of? How did your sponsors feel? Using those sacred metrics is going to be huge for future event success.

What Can You Do to Be a Pioneer in the New World of Events?

The answer is embracing virtual and hybrid events as a part of your event strategy moving forward. You have the opportunity to really embrace a new direction for your business. If that seems daunting, know you’re not alone and there are experts on your side to help you get started creating a profitable plan for your organization’s event strategy that matches the trends for the future of events. To help companies embrace the future of events, Alecia May, our Founder, CEO, and Event Strategy Guru is offering Virtual VIP Days to help clients lay out their event strategy for an upcoming event, all in one shot. Sign up today and get ready to see your events thrive!

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