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How to Repurpose Content from Your Live Events Year-Round

Wondering how to repurpose content from your live events? This may help...

We’re living in a world that is so information-driven that if you’re not leveraging your event content post-event, you’re missing out. Events are content generation hubs. You can capture more useful content during the duration of your event than weeks of pumping out content on your own with just your team. It’s easy to repurpose from virtual events, and it’s something that individuals have been really embracing over the past few years. But, as you return to live events, how can you continue this profitable practice? How do you repurpose content from your live events? Today, we’re going to share some tips with you! 

Why You Should Repurpose Your Live Event Content

But first, why is this such an important concept to embrace? Here are a few reasons why:

Enhance Your SEO

Google loves backlinks and fresh content. The more links you have driving people to your content out in the wide world of the internet, the better chances you have of getting ranked on Google. Plus, the more authoritative content you’re putting out into the world, the more sharing and the happier our friend Google is. This is an ultra-simplified version, but we can help you figure out how to leverage your content post-event to help with the Google genies.

Greater ROI & Engagement on Speaker Investments

Hiring quality thought leaders cost a pretty penny for speaking engagements, and rightfully so. In order to make ROI on your speaker investments, make sure that you leverage their sessions in multiple places after the event. Maybe a VIP investment where attendees get recordings, perhaps sharing it with your membership group with an exclusive Q&A sesh with the speaker afterward. If you want to put it out into the world with wider reach, share the video with a blog recap. There are so many opportunities here to gain engagement, sales, and follows after the event with this content.

Increased Team Productivity

This one’s simple, but a lot of leaders don’t consider it. When your team isn’t focusing on creating content from scratch weekly, imagine how much time that will free up to pursue other business initiatives!

3 Ways to Repurpose Content from Your Live Events 

Repurposing content from your live event simply means taking sessions, social posts, recorded audio, etc. captured at the event and using it in a new way.

Create Short-Form Video Content for Social Media

We bet at some point during the span of your event, one of your speakers will say something iconic that deserves to be shouted out to the world. Use that short snippet from their session and create a TikTok, Reel, YouTube Short, etc. to leverage it and get shares! In today’s world, where 90% of people want to see more video content from brands, this is a simple way to make that happen.

Add Juicy Tips & Tricks to Your Nurture Campaigns

Every nurture campaign is different, but one great practice is to give a “freebie” with juicy tips and tricks. Solely informational, no sales pitch. You can take one of your recorded sessions, masterminds, or roundtable discussions and provide a link for your audience to watch it to engage with your content from the moment they sign up to be a part of your community.

Make it a Podcast Episode

Not every podcast episode has to be you speaking with a guest or you sharing your thoughts! Use a session from your most recent event that you think will speak to your audience and share the audio on your podcast. 

For example, our Founder, Alecia May, loves to take recorded Clubhouse chats and repurpose them as podcast content for her 6-Figure Event Podcast because the info covered is typically so helpful and share-worthy. It’s important to get that out to all your potential audiences!

Now, these are just four of literally tens of ways you can repurpose your live event content. You can create Twitter posts with powerful quotes, you can revamp web copy, you can start a YouTube channel with easy-to-share video content, or you can write blogs. The sky is the limit!

Need Help Creating an Event Marketing Strategy?

The key to ensuring your repurposing your content effectively and efficiently is having a plan before the conference even starts. Now, things can, of course, always change. But having a list of ideas and a solid strategy will guide what you need to focus on capturing at the event. Not every session needs to have an expensive videographer in the room to capture content. You can leverage your team and engage your audience with some epic user-generated content. The list is endless. And depending on your overall business goals, your strategy to repurpose your live event content is going to look different! 

Our EBA team can help you get started planning your solid strategy for repurposing content to grow your brand and business. Let’s chat!

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