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How to Pick the Best Event Planner for Your Event

How to Pick the Best Event Planner for Your Event

When it comes to event planning, your event planner is your best friend. A best friend knows what you need, sometimes even before you know it. Event planners are at your side for support, advice, and to share the workload. They want your event to be a success as much as you do.

As with any friendship, you need to find someone who is compatible with your personality and can meet your specific needs. How do you go about doing this for an event planner? You need to take a close look at your needs and the talents of each event planner you meet. Not every event planner has the tools and knowledge to make your event spectacular.


Every event planner should have a list of events they handle. If you are looking to host a small affair, you want someone with experience with intimate events. Likewise, a large scale event needs an experienced event planner. Find someone who has the experience that matches your needs. This meeting of the minds guarantees a better event planning experience.


Are you a morning person? Do you prefer to communicate in the evening? Do you expect e-mail responses within 24 hours? Everyone leads busy lives and everyone has preferences on how to schedule those busy lives. It is important to know that your event planner is capable of adapting to your needs and preferences. Find someone that fits with your personality.

Time allocation

You want to find an event planner with experience. You also want to find someone with time availability. Event planners work hard for their clients, but there is only so many hours in a day. You need to find someone that can meet your needs in full. Some events only require communication over the phone. Make sure that your event planner can communicate with you in the timeframe that you need for your big event.

Know yourself before searching

This is an important step. Before seeking out an event planner, you need to make some self-assessments. An event planner is a great asset, but they cannot read minds. First, you need to set up a budget. A budget is important for an event planner. A budget sets the necessary parameters for an event planner. It also helps you to prevent overspending and running out of money. The next thing to keep in mind is why you need the event planner.

  • Are you looking for help with advertising?
  • Do you need help decorating or catering the event?
  • What about a guest list?
  • Are you looking to target a specific group of people?

Event planners are there to help guide you through the process, but it makes their job easier to think of these things ahead. The next thing is to prepare yourself to listen. When looking for the right event planner, you want the absolute best person. You spent time and energy in search for this person. This person met all your expectations. Now, prepare yourself to listen. Event planning is a collaborative experience in many ways, but the event planner is the expert. You chose them based on their expertise. Let them do their job, and your stress becomes a lot easier to manage.

Important takeaways

Above all else, find an event planner that suits your needs. With the right goal in mind, the right event planner can exceed your wildest expectations. To achieve this, you need to be on board with your event planner. This means that you need to be compatible with your event planner and understand how they work.

A good event planner will know how to communicate effectively, give each client the time they deserve, and provide excellent results. For your next event, use these tips to pick the best event planner for your needs.

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