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How to Get People To Attend a Webinar

How to Get People To Attend a Webinar

Webinars are a great way to connect with your audience and can act as a sales funnel. Maybe your webinar is a teaser of your larger, paid course or maybe you’re just trying to hold a virtual event full of information for your audience. Whatever the case may be, you want to be sure your webinar is offering true value. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sat through webinars only to be disappointed in the execution.

Have Worthwhile Content.

What you can do with this is tease it on social media to let people know what to expect. Make some posts about the topics to be covered. Host a  Facebook or Instagram Live that’s short and sweet where you can share just a little bit of your knowledge to gain your audience’s trust that this investment of time will be well worth it: but make it super relevant and catchy. Having the right title to your webinar, and having a bold headline will make all the difference. 

Utilize that Newsletter!

I’m sure this isn’t your first time hearing how vital a newsletter is to your success. Write out a series of emails that’ll you’ll send to your subscribers to gain interest in the event. You’ll want to send these out periodically as your event grows nearer. A good point to remember: Do not include any links or sales pitches in your initial email.

Use that first email to generate interest and just let your audience know what you’re working on and that they’ll hear from you in a couple days. Save the links for the second or third email when you reveal that they can finally sign up for your webinar. It’s up to you how many emails you’d like to send total, but always send a reminder the day before and the morning of your webinar. People sometimes forget, and you may find these reminders to much more good than harm.

If you’re working on your webinar with other speakers, now’s a great chance to reach each other’s audiences. Do an Instagram takeover or go Live on their Facebook page to introduce yourself to their audience and share with them what you do. The new face and information you bring to the table may strike interest in people who were on the fence about attending.

Share your Event in Niche Facebook Groups

Make sure you’re allowed to make promotional posts and be sure you’re also returning the favor. Check out other people’s content as well. Facebook groups are a great way to reach people. Even if they don’t know much about you or your business, they may be very interested in the content you’re covering in the webinar. You’ll find that the people in these Facebook groups are much more responsive as they have true interest in the topic and aren’t just “casual fans.”

One last bonus tip, don’t forget to keep up your regular content throughout promoting your webinar. No one enjoys being fed sales pitches all day, so keep a good mix of content. You should only promote your event once out of every five or so posts.

Do you have any great tips for growing your webinar attendance? Share them in the comments section below!

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