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How to Create Hybrid Event Sponsorship Opportunities Sponsors Actually Want

Now that the world is opening up again, what will events look like? It’s a question everyone is asking. While in-person events will be returning, there’s no question that virtual events are here to stay due to their ever-growing popularity and success. This is why over 70% of large organizations are incorporating hybrid events into their event strategy. They can engage a wider audience, while still creating those close connections developed with an in-person audience. So how do you make a hybrid event profitable with the increased production and audio-visual costs that come with hosting and streaming an event simultaneously? The simple answer is effective hybrid event sponsorship positioning.

5 Tips for Creating Hybrid Event Sponsorship Opportunities That Engage

You’re probably asking, “Well, how do I feature sponsors when I have the same event going on in two different “worlds” essentially?” Lucky for you, we have some tips from our own successful hybrid events. You have to think about what your sponsor’s goal is, and most likely, their main goal is to connect with your audience on a meaningful level. Here are a few ways you can do that:

Create Higher Cost Sponsorship Packages with Dual Sponsorship Options

To truly maximize the exposure potential for your sponsors, they need to be visible both in-person and virtually. This means you have an opportunity to charge a premium for these high-profile hybrid event sponsorship options. A platinum sponsor could receive benefits that include:

  • A mention in the live-streamed keynote (or even participation for a C-Suite team member)
  • Ads running during the breaks on the virtual platform
  • A sponsored break in-person at the event
  • Headline promotion with the virtual swag bag with logos on in-person event lanyards

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg, you can get really creative with it!

Put Together Sponsored Hybrid Breakout Sessions or Experiences

Breakout sessions are one thing that not enough virtual events took advantage of. Now, with hybrid events, you have new opportunities to bring people together who are attending live—regardless of their location. Allow sponsors to sponsor breakout sessions where their team can help develop the conversation, moderate, and really get up close and personal with attendees on both sides of the screen. Another option would be to allow them to offer a hybrid experience like a mixology course for happy hour where attendees live make their drinks, you send a branded kit to those logging in from home, and everyone can cheers to a great evening “together” at the end!

Give Sponsors a Booth with Virtual Meeting Options or a Hybrid Networking Floor Sponsorship

One of the things attendees are missing most about in-person events is those conversations on the show floor. So, bring back those exhibitor booths and allow them to set appointments with technology you provide to set up one-on-one meetings with virtual attendees who are “exploring” the conference virtually.

Another option that is along the same lines is starting a hybrid networking “lounge” where you can provide an area specifically designed for in-person attendees to connect one-on-one virtually with those logging in from elsewhere. With sponsors, they can have a VIP area for their team to connect.

Using the right virtual event platform, you’ll be able to schedule and execute those with ease!

Provide Session Sponsorship Opportunities

For some sponsors, positioning themselves as though leaders in your industry is their ultimate goal. Allowing them to sponsor a session and be a speaker not only saves you money on a paid speaker but you’re being paid to allow them to speak to your audience. Kills two birds with one stone! You may want to put a caveat that you need to vet topic proposals, but it’s all easily manageable with the right processes in place.

Leverage Gamification

Nearly 60% of event organizers added gamification to their virtual events to increase engagement over the past year. And you know what? It works! Use that to connect attendees virtually and in person, while also allows sponsors to sponsor the games and activities. This way, they get their name out there on something the attendees will definitely remember more than a pen in a swag bag. Leverage these opportunities!

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