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What is the Unique Value Proposition for Your Event (+Why it Matters)?

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When you look at your marketing campaigns and your sales tactics for your business, what are they guided by? They’re all centered around your unique value proposition for your customer, right? What makes you better than your competition, what problems you’re going to solve, what lifestyle you can provide, etc. So, when it comes to your event strategy, shouldn’t UVP be at the center of everything you do? We think so! Here’s how you can make your own unique value proposition for your event, also called event value proposition in our industry, for ultimate event success.

How to Develop a Unique Value Proposition That Actually Works

Saying that your event is cool, unique, or one-of-a-kind simply isn’t going to get butts in seats. WHY is it cool and unique? WHY can’t they get what you’re providing elsewhere? Here are a few questions to ask yourself that will prompt the development of a unique value proposition for your event that DOES get butts in seats. 

What is the goal of your event?

Are you hosting a medical conference to educate doctors on the latest technology for cardiac surgery? Maybe you’re hosting a business mastermind event for female entrepreneurs trying to get their businesses to 7-figure success? We will use these examples to guide the following few questions so that you can do the same with your event. Your goals are key to driving six-figure event success.

Who would you ideally have attend your event? 

For the medical conference, you’d want attendings from the cardiac field. For the business mastermind, you’d want female entrepreneurs who have been in business long enough to hit 6-figures but are hitting a roadblock to getting to the next level.

What would motivate these people to attend your event?

The medical conference attendee desires exclusive access to new technology that hasn’t been touched by other hands yet! The business mastermind attendee wants peace and quiet to escape and focus away from the hustle and weeds of the day-to-day while learning from someone who has been in their shoes.

What are you offering that would fulfill those motivations? 

You’re releasing a new piece of robotic technology at the medical conference that hasn’t been available yet. They can try this hands-on during live demonstrations and workshops. For the business mastermind, you’re traveling to an excellent spot that exudes zen vibes, so they can relax, take a step away from their business, and focus on growth while feeling inspired. Plus, you’ve made 7-figures, you’ve done it, and you can show them how step-by-step applied to their unique business model.

Now It’s Time for You to Implement

Now, are you ready to ask yourself these questions? Your goal is to develop your event goals and your target audience. Then, do a deep dive on what makes your target audience tick. What makes them hit that “register” button, no questions ask? Do a little brainstorming, and you’ll usually find the answer! The key is to speak directly to that individual. Not generally!

Once you have those motivations, you use those to guide every piece of marketing collateral, every speaker contract sent out, every swag bag filled. The more you connect, the more likely you will get them as a return attendee later down the road!

Struggling to Come Up with Your UVP? Let Us Help.

Can’t seem to distinguish your events from the rest? Sometimes all it takes is a third party to come up with the facets of your event that seem most intriguing and could pique the interest of your target audience. At Eventistry by Alecia, our team designs unique value propositions for events literally all day long. It’s part of what we do for every client to make sure their event attendance is the best it can possibly be. Are you ready to let us help? Let’s connect and brainstorm!

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