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How Clubhouse Can Enhance Your Virtual & Hybrid Events

Clubhouse is all the rage these days. The newest social network to enter the scene, this chatroom-based, invite-only platform is creating a splash in both professional and personal worlds. The app is comprised of tens of thousands of clubs and each club hosts rooms at specific times for audio-based conversations. These conversations cover topics from virtual events to entrepreneurship to holistic nutrition to sponsorship to fitness and just about everything in between.

Some are using it for personal development and practicing hobbies like language learning. But many people are using it to develop professional connections and gain expertise in their industries. The EBA team thinks that there are some unique features of the Clubhouse world that would perfectly lend themselves to elevating virtual and hybrid events. Let’s dive in!

Clubhouse Opportunities in the Event World

In the events world, creating buzz is all about being innovative with what you offer at your virtual events. With some people getting a little bit of Zoom fatigue, it’s important that your virtual events are offering things your competitors aren’t. Clubhouse could fit the bill!

Create Exclusive Experiences

Each room created in a Clubhouse club can either be made available to the greater Clubhouse community or only the members of the club. Some ideas we love are:

  • Building a VIP group conversation for C-Suite members
  • Providing an exclusive tips and tricks mastermind for your coaching clients
  • Offering special “meet-and-greets” with high-level speakers after their sessions in your virtual conference.

You can offer these experiences to VIP ticketholders too for additional fees to generate greater income.

Sharing Value for Lead Generation & Connections

Events are based on relationship-building. Companies host events to share their value with their constituents and provide something no one else can. In Clubhouse, many industry experts, celebrities, and leaders are leading conversations in chatrooms.  They’re providing free insight, tools, and life hacks that can only be found in those rooms! Once you capture that audience and convince them that you’re the expert in an area they’re interested in, they will reach out to you. Our team at EBA has received tons of leads from people we’ve been chatting with on Clubhouse, so we know it works!

Provide Peer-to-Peer Interaction Attendees Are Craving

While chat bars are great, they don’t replace the voice conversations attendees are able to have at in-person events or in smaller breakout sessions. In Clubhouse, you’re able to literally chat with those who have common interests and professional goals. You can also gain insight from experts you wouldn’t otherwise have access to. People are craving interaction. Yet, event organizers continue to struggle with engagement at virtual events—maybe that’s where Clubhouse can provide true value. With hybrid events you can invite users attending in-person to interact with their counterparts at home!

Free to Use

Price has been a barrier for many companies diving into the virtual event world this year. Every platform has diverse pricing, but Clubhouse is free to use! This means you’re able to add an interactive component to your virtual event without further investment.

Potential Limitations of Clubhouse for the Event World

As with any new tools or networks, there are always growing pains. These are some of the things we see being roadblocks to overcome, but we’re all about finding the solutions!


Only those with iPhones can use the app for the time being. But there is talk about them expanding to Android later this season which would remove this barrier!


Each user only gets 2 invites, so getting enough invites to spread around could be tricky initially. While this adds to the exclusivity of the platform that is intriguing, it also provides a limitation for those trying to attract broader audiences. Eventually the CEO plans to open it up to all which will provide greater access, but that’s all the more reason to start your experiences now and get ahead of the curve!


Right now, no conversations are available on-demand. While this provides a certain incentive for people to attend that live conversation, it also means you can’t use that content later on. This could be good for those more excusive conversations though where you don’t necessarily want your tips and tricks being broadcast to a wider audience—it keeps the exclusivity alive.

Join Eventistry by Alecia’s CEO Alecia May on Clubhouse

Are you on Clubhouse? We’d love to meet you on the app!

Alecia May, Founder & CEO of Eventistry by Alecia (@aleciamay), was recently voted one of the top 10 event profs on Clubhouse by Accelevents and can be found participating and leading conversations in a variety of event-centric clubs on the app. Topics covered range from event sponsorship strategies, virtual event platform tips and tricks, in-person and hybrid event trends for 2021, how to sell out your events, and more. We can’t wait to hang out with you! See you online.

Want to chat about using Clubhouse for your next virtual or hybrid event? Let’s talk about how we can help you make that happen.

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