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Harness the Power of a Professional Event Planner (Avoid DIY Disaster!)

Strategizing and planning an event is a multi-tiered process that usually requires a team of experts. In an era of DIY, there are incredible opportunities to develop skills simply through a tutorial or printable cheat sheet. Considering an event can cost your thousands and earn you even more. This is not the place to attempt to YouTube your way to a profitable event but to seek the guidance of a professional event planner and strategist.

Movies like The Wedding Planner glamorize the incredible feat that is pulling off an impactful event. As much as I’d like to believe my life as an event planner and strategist is a movie, creating an immersive brand experience for your guests requires more than dazzling centerpieces.

Professional event planners have a unique set of skills to make magic out of chaos. Here are just a few.

Never Miss a Detail

A good event planner will draw up a plan for your event based on your consultation. In order to achieve this, your event planner will carry you along in the planning process, sparing no detail. Expect a game plan that is specific to your brand and collaborated vision. If an event planner stick you with a “one size fits all” agenda, tell them to kick rocks.

When presented with your event plan, a rockstar event planner often assures you that it seems like a lot but the pressure is never put on you. While you have a part to play, you can expect to fully rely on your planner for reassurance when necessary. Look for a weekly and/or monthly agenda on the event plans and expect regular updates.

Being a Resourceful Goddess

Planning an event requires funding and a good event planner should be able to draw up a budget for your event and maximize its use. The best event planner is good at managing resources can go a long way in planning your event. Resource management truly is the trick of the trade. The best event planner is a master of planning (duh), organizing, prioritizing, flexibility and can manage complex interactions including negotiations and sponsorships.

Bossy and Badass

A good event planner is assertive. When coordinating everything it takes to plan a successful event requires a leader with a firm hand and artistic touch. They also need to be able to help others see their vision for the event. When a

n event planner gives out a task, they should be able to follow up to ensure that the task is accomplished accordingly.


Event planners work hard at creating the perfect event for your business. Unfortunately, there are a few things completely out of their control. If they’re as good as they promised you they are then there will be a backup plan (or two) in their pocket. The best part, you won’t even notice they had to use it.

Endless Creativity

Planning an event involves a fair deal of brainstorming, collaborating, and executing. The right event planner is open to ideas and works to take your brand and business goals and translate that into a successful launch, conference, webinar or whatever form your business event comes in. Even in cases when the client is short of ideas on their events, the best event planner will use what information they have to work with. So, don’t hesitate to allow them plenty of creative freedom, it may blow you away.

The Ability to Negotiate

There is ALWAYS room for a discussion about what you want and how much you’re willing to pay for it. For example, if you’re paying the hotel or venue most likely thousands of dollars, so you can ask for things you desire (maybe you want free WIFI for your team or valet parking). Ask and you shall receive.

A professional event planner works closely with people and vendors who offer you their ideal price. I make it my priority as a negotiating businesswoman to create a win-win situation that saves you money without compromising value.

Contrary to popular belief, negotiating isn’t about being cheap or beating the opposition of the other party. Instead, it’s coming to an agreement you’re both satisfied with. Negotiating even just 10% is overhead money that goes straight to your profit margin.

Coach Your Way to Successful Event Planning

Flashback to a Mastermind prep in Marrakech, Morocco😍

Alecia May | Eventistry

I turned my passion into profit by never selling myself short and reaching far beyond what they told me an event strategist and planner could do. Now I sip Moroccan Mint Tea and share incredible event experiences with my clients.⠀

So many event planners believe you have to create hundreds of events before you can approach a client who wants to go international… False! Even your very first planned event can be on the other side of the world! A competitive event planner is equipped with the strategic layout to land client sponsors, develop their event message, and create a masterpiece…you can fulfill your client’s most exotic location dreams, today!

I work with beginners, professional DIY’ers and competitive event planners who are sick and tired of settling for less. Even if it’s not me, get yourself a coach or mentor who knows the in’s and out’s of the event planning world. Don’t waste 5 years of your event planning career learning things the hard way. Seek out a progressive mentor who makes it their business to grow your business!

We Usually Come With a Dream Team

A professional event planner is so much more than themselves. Their team is a huge contributing factor in helping actualize their expertise. These are just some of the puzzle pieces a team works to put into place at every event:

  • Attendee management (VIPs, audience personas)
  • Venue
  • Catering
  • Scheduling
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Multimedia marketing
  • Print & Website
  • Security
  • Budgeting
  • …and so much more!

Just like you shouldn’t do it alone, we usually don’t either.

A Little Education Can go a LONG Way

Still insisting on planning your own events? A little education can go a long way in creating an experience that will scale your business and grow your following. I keep my Online Courses as updated as possible so that I can

Alecia May | Eventistry








help you develop the skills to run your events like a boss.

I’ve noticed recent graduates of my module courses wanting a more intimate 1 on 1 coaching to be able to learn from me, directly. That is why I now offer, for a limited time, a VIP Day where I share with you my secrets as a digital event strategist. I cover all the skills and technicalities you’ll need to host your next event.

The skills to be an event planner are unique and somewhat challenging to replicate overnight. In your career or in your life– planning an event using real strategy is sure to build your confidence, your business, and your bottom line

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