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What to Expect from Your Event Planner

what to expect from your event planner

What to Expect from Your Event Planner

Bravo! You’re ready to take your business to the next level by hosting an event! In search of your guru to make your event dreams come true? Then you’ve come to the right spot. I’m here to tell you what no other event planner will, and that’s what you can expect …from the best event planner! And believe me, with your business on the line- I’m going to set that bar high and you should too.

Now, let’s get into the details that will help you land your dream event planner who works with you in a way that makes the process feel effortless, fun, but most importantly, will handle your event like a boss!


A good event planner will draw up a plan for your event based on your consultation. In order to achieve this, your event planner will carry you along in the planning process, sparing no detail. Expect a game plan that is specific to your brand and collaborated vision. If an event planner stick you with a “one size fits all” agenda, tell them to kick rocks.

When presented with your event plan, a rockstar event planner often assures you that it seems like a lot but the pressure is never put on you. While you have a part to play, you can expect to fully rely on your planner for reassurance when necessary. Look for a weekly and/or monthly agenda on the event plans and expect regular updates.


An event planner who is fashionably late to your meetings, loses notes in the middle of your consultation, or overall doesn’t seem to have it together could be a red flag. Look for an event planner who discusses the approach to their art with certainty.

An event planner doesn’t work alone; there is always a team behind the scenes working to create an event that takes your business to new heights. Managing this team will require an event planner who organizes not only their own responsibilities but who those of a team.


Planning an event requires funding and a good event planner should be able to draw up a budget for your event and maximize its use. The best event planner is good at managing resources can go a long way in planning your event. Resource management truly is the trick of the trade. The best event planner is master of planning (duh) and organizing, prioritizing, flexible, and can manage complex interactions.

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A good event planner is assertive. When coordinating everything it takes to plan a successful event requires a leader with a firm hand and artistic touch. They also need to be able to help others see their vision for the event. When an event planner gives out a task, they should be able to follow up to ensure that the task is accomplished accordingly.


Event planners work hard at creating the perfect event for your business. Unfortunately, there are a few things completely out of their control. If they’re as good as they promised you they are then there will be a backup plan (or two) in their pocket. The best part, you won’t even notice they had to use it.


Planning an event involves a fair deal of brainstorming, collaborating, and executing. A good event planner is open to ideas and works to take your brand and business goals and translate that into a successful launch, conference, webinar or whatever form your business event comes in. Even in cases when the client is short of ideas on their events, the best event planner will use what information they have to work with. So, don’t hesitate to allow them plenty of creative freedom, it may blow you away.


One thing all events have in common is people. Event planning is a social profession and a good event planner is able to engage and be an active listener. Event planners tend to be good at reading people. Making their way through a crowd is a breeze for an event planner, they can usually work the room quite elegantly.


A great question to ask when interviewing an event planner is “what was the WORST thing that happened during an event and how did you handle it”, the correct answer is always “with grace”.

Event planners have exactly 1,467 things to think about at all times during an event. Managing that many responsibilities is not for everyone.

Nails Your Interview

This is an awesome list to refer to when you want reassurance for what you can expect from a good event planner, but ultimately the right one will walk away from the interview and you’ll have this overwhelming feeling of I have to work with her.

An interview with “the one” will feel inspired. They will spend more time getting you excited about your event than selling themselves. While demonstrating a level of humility, the ideal event planner is obsessed with planning events, has a history of getting it right, and is ready to help you take your brand to the next level.

So, what are you waiting for?

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