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How to Embrace Your Business’s Potential & Design an Event Strategy That Will Create Big Impact

No matter what business or industry you’re in, it’s no secret that events can be a crucial part of business strategy to grow engagement and profit. We’re not just saying that because we love a good event, promise! Over half of marketers surveyed by Bizzabo last year shared that they think events are the MOST important tool for marketing. Plus, over half of management and leadership surveyed also think events are the most critical avenue to achieve business goals. But if your business has tried to implement event strategy unsuccessfully, you may be questioning how other companies have achieved such great success.

After helping hundreds of businesses, non-profit organizations, and governmental agencies plan impactful events to share their missions and generate income for their bottom lines, we have some tips and tricks up our sleeves. You CAN profit off a virtual or hybrid event, it’s possible. We want to help you be part of the 10% whose virtual event strategy has outperformed in-person event strategy.

Let’s talk about where to begin when you want to implement an ROI-centric event strategy to spark growth. Ready?

To Build Your Event Strategy, Start with Your Why

What is the reason you’re hosting an event? If it’s a free virtual event, maybe it’s to grow your e-mail list with virtual attendees from across the globe. If it’s a hybrid product launch, maybe you’re trying to get your constituents back out in the market again to see your products in a new light and drive sales. Maybe you’re an association trying to re-engage your members after a year of no events. Or maybe you’re a non-profit that wishes to share their cause with all corners of the globe with your first hybrid event offering.

Regardless of what your why is, it will drive every decision about what your event should look like, what you should offer, event pricing, what types of sponsors you’re going to attract to make money, the list goes on. Without understanding your why, you won’t be able to plan an effective event that will impress or generate ROI.

Every Effective Event Strategy Gives the People What They Want

Now that you have your why, consider who needs to be involved. Then, think about what those individuals want!

Maybe your target audience is medical researchers or doctors who are constantly on the prowl for continuing education. Generate an irresistible lineup of speakers who will drive registrations through the roof! If you’re targeting C-Suite executives who have seen it all in terms of events, do something different. Provide them with an immersive, exclusive experience that brings them somewhere they’ve never experienced before. Maybe it’s a micro-experience with a destination sponsor or a foodie fete driven by local purveyors who don’t typically attend events.

Creativity is key when you’re looking to create an event stage that will spark enough interest to get butts in seats and sign up sponsors who will offset the costs and help you profit. Without attendees, events won’t be successful. So, figuring out who you want there, and what is going to intrigue them enough to attend is key! Our team has helped so many businesses determine what that WOW factor is and we’re telling you, it works.

Ready for More? Attend Alecia’s FREE Event Strategy Masterclass on June 11th

This is just the first piece of generating an event stage that will propel you to the top of your industry. There is so much more we have to share! If you feel prepared to take the next step for your business through implementing profitable hybrid or virtual events, we’ve got something exciting for you. Stop the guessing games and trial and error and join Alecia, our Founder, CEO, and Event Strategy Guru for a FREE masterclass, June 11th at 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

The 3-Step Plan to Creating a 6 Figure Event Strategy Masterclass will:
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  • Teach you how to plan disruptive events that help you achieve your business goals and drive engagement.
  • Share all the actionable tips and tricks you need to get butts in seats, in person and virtually.
  • But most of all… show you how to make money while doing it.

If you sign up now, you’ll also get a free bonus PDF filled with juicy event strategy tips to get you started before class is in session. We can’t wait to see you there!

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