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Why Attending Events is One of the Most Important Things You Do in Business

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Attending business events has become a staple for successful businesswomen and entrepreneurs. Working behind a screen for long periods of time can become uninspirational. Attending business events provides entrepreneurs with live, impactful experiences that grow and improve your business practices. Here is why you need to fill the remainder of your year with one business event per month. These one night investments may provide exactly what your business is missing.

Your Network is Your Networth

It’s no secret that networking is a pillar in entrepreneurship. But, it’s almost impossible to build meaningful business connections exclusively online. Attending business events brings your LinkedIn discovery page to life! These events are saturated with people in your market who, at some point, reach your target audience.

Some are new to the biz and others are founders, trendsetters, and influencers. It is unlikely you will get the chance to connect with potential partners, clients, and customers all under one roof.

Experience Industry Trends in Real Time

From event planning to beauty, technology, food, and beverage–markets are forever seeing trends come and go. Sometimes, just when you’ve caught up or your new product just launched, your audience is already onto the next best thing. Trends are just the nature of the beast. Try as you might, but events may be the only way you discover, create, or learn about a trend that hasn’t yet gone viral. If you’re serious about being an authority in your niche, being in the “know” is everything.

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Most events have speakers. Speakers are a great tool for businesses and entrepreneurs to gain “insider” information. Besides discovery, a lot of hype, excitement, and inspiration comes with a room full of people brainstorming their next big idea.

Free Advice that You Actually Need

Events are the ideal place to learn as much as you can about your industry. Speakers are not the only ones giving advice at an event. A conference event can be just as impactful.

A business event comes in many forms. Sometimes it’s huge, with hundreds of sponsors and people from all over the world. Other times it’s just a group of small business owners in L.A. Whichever business event you choose to attend, there is a likelihood you will have the chance to share your story and pain points. And, if there’s one thing entrepreneurs love as much as solving their own problem, it’s solving other people’s problems. Come to your next business event with questions. Forget trying to impress everyone. Instead, impress your following by bringing them a better product or service. Attending business events increases your chances of meeting that one person, who says that one thing, that impacts how you reach your business goals, forever.

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Reap the Benefits of a Community

Being an Entrepreneur can get lonely. Being laser-focused on your goals is important. But, often times you ignore the impenetrable bubble you build around yourself. Then, when you finally let loose, your friends are hounding you on how much you work or why you always have a tablet on you. At a business event, you have the chance to make friends that understand your hustle and encourage you to chase your dreams. If you’re lucky, they might even help you get their faster.

It’s Fun!

Business events aren’t all business. You are sure to have a good time, tons of laughter, and plenty of memories are made at events. Business people are capable of getting too serious or stiff, luckily, event planners have picked up on the need for some serious icebreakers. Events are important for growth and development, but they’re also ideal to kick back and enjoy in a community of people so much like yourself.

So, you’ve got nothing to lose and a whole lot to gain.

Can’t find a business event that speaks to you? Host one of your own! I’m just a call away from helping you and your industry have the business event of a lifetime.

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