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8 Live Event Production Tips & Tricks You Should Know

Event production isn't easy. Here's what you need to know to ensure your event is successful!

Are you getting excited to host your first live event post-pandemic? While it should be like riding a bike, some planners are feeling a bit rusty when it comes to anything but clicking “start meeting” on a Zoom call. Live event production is so different than virtual event production. The technology is different, the pressure is different, and the planning is oh so different. So, how do you prepare to rock your live event production to wow and engage attendees so much that they can’t wait to sign up for your next live event? We have some tips.

But First, What is Event Production? 

Now, when we refer to event production, we’re not talking about the general planning and execution of the event. Event production is actually the tech, A/V, lighting, staging, and components of the event. Anything that would be handled by an audio-visual team would fall under event production. Tricky, ey? 

Be Intentional with Venue Selection

A venue can make or break an event. It’s at the top of the most important decisions you’ll make when it comes to hosting a live event and executing successful live event production. So, here are a few things you want to look for:

They Allow 24-Hour Holds & Early Load-In

So, event production doesn’t start when the event starts. It starts well before. Consider how long it’s going to take to set up your audio visual, staging, and run your tech checks. 

In terms of the 24-hour hold for the event space, that is critical too. When you’re leaving expensive tech equipment and extensive, intricate setups overnight, you want to make sure they’re not hosting anything else in those spaces throughout your event. You want to be the only ones with exclusive access for safety, security, and flexibility. You’ve spent a lot of time and money on your event and its audio-visual production. Make sure your investment is protected! 

Their In-House Team Has Experience

This one is important. You want to make sure their team is expert at what they do. Make sure the A/V manager knows what they’re talking about. Ensure that there is a technical lead on-site at all times to be the go-to for technician questions. Ask if they have experience with hybrid event streaming, if this is a component you’re adding to your live event, and what success they’ve had there. All these factors will be critical to your event’s success.

Aim for Piped-In Sound Systems

This is a fun budget trick! If your hotel or venue has sound piped in through a sound system built-in to the hotel structure, it’s a lot more affordable. This is because the hotel doesn’t have to set up a sound system. All they have to do is plug into the local audio.

Get an A/V Quote Before Contract Signing

Audio-visual is likely going to be one of the top three line items for your event, up there with room nights and catering. It’s so important to get a ballpark of costs for the exact configurations and agendas you have in place because A/V  adds up quickly!

Live by Your Timelines

Timelines, run of show, whatever you want to call them, your plans need to be followed. The best way to make sure that timelines will run smoothly? Run a rehearsal or tech check. Most of the issues with timelines can be charged to speakers going over time, tech challenges that impede on presentations, and things like that. 

Set Up Multiple Cameras… Even If You’re Not Streaming

One of the things we see most live event clients skip is filming. We think that’s a mistake. Why? Because then you have no way to leverage your content post-event, which is so important for a six-figure event strategy! Even if it’s just the keynote, have multiple camera angles set up so you can create video after to upsell attendees or provide a bundle of event content as a flash sale option for your audience post-event to increase revenues.

Feed Your Crew Members 

This may sound silly. But food is fuel, guys! Event production is a tough gig. It requires long hours, extreme attention to detail, and brain power to troubleshoot on the fly. All of these things get immensely more difficult when you’re hangry! Make sure you’re including your team 

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