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6 Ways to Make Your Event Eco-Friendly

Eco Friendly Events

 6 Ways to Make Your Event Eco-Friendly

In the last decade “going green” has meant more than passively recycling plastic bottles and is now a movement and way of life for millions. Environmentally friendly event practices aren’t reserved for niche event planners but those who want to make a conscious effort to positively impact the world around them. Making your event eco-friendly will soon be a priority as attendees have made it such. But what are some ways to make your event eco-friendly?

Planning an Eco-Friendly Event

An eco-friendly or “green” event means taking into highest consideration the environmental impact of service and suppliers and the companies they represent.

Dubbed the “green generation”, research shows millennials are willing to pay more for sustainable, better quality goods and services. Here are 10 ways to make your event eco-friendly that appeals to the go green movement and saves the planet one recyclable at a time!


You don’t have to sacrifice style for the sake and making your event eco-friendly. Sustainable plates, bowls, and cutlery aren’t hard to come by and are even aesthetically pleasing. Here are a few options you have.

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Recycled Plastic – Plastic that’s been recycled is more sustainable but not the most high-end approach. Luckily, many are willing to overlook a design faux-pas for the sake of a good cause.

Bamboo – Cream of the crop, Bamboo is a grass that takes only 5-7 years to reach maturity, thus making it highly sustainable. Bamboo is also naturally antibacterial making it super hygienic. This trendy dishware is warm, inviting and gives all the bohemian vibes.

Wooden – Not as durable or preservative as bamboo but just as lovely. Trees are a renewable source, but not at the most assume. However, opting for wooden utensil is a natural and clean option and step in the right direction to making your event eco-friendly.

Keep it Digital

As an event planner, most of your marketing is online anyway, but avoid paper flyer, invites, or handouts when promoting your eco-friendly event. Passing out a stack of paper will send mix messages and repel the audience you are trying to reach. Check out 8 Simple Ways to Crush Your Outreach Strategies for paper-free marketing ideas to help promote your eco-friendly event.


Choosing an eco-friendly venue is a great way to get ahead. Green venues often cover a lot of the legwork when it comes to environmentally conscious suppliers.
Depending on how progressive your city is, you may have plenty of eco-friendly options available. But no matter where you host, and outdoor set up is about as green as it gets! Host like it’s 1925 with candlelight, tents, and eco-friendly DIY decorations.



Side note: If you opt for natural lighting and candles, go for soy-based and not regular wax that’s sourced from petroleum byproduct–ew.

Recycle Stations

Even the most eco-friendly events can get lazy and have unlabeled trash cans scattered about the venue. Be creative with labeling the trash cans for recycling purposes. Afterall, waste starts and ends with our trash! You can even make the trash labels reflect the message and brand of the event.


Planning transportation options for your eco-friendly event is a great way to encourage attendee participation and may even result in increased marketing.

You can start by getting an understanding of where guests are coming from and creating a carpool system that includes driving “captains” and meetup locations. This takes your event from being eco-friendly “themed” to an actual practice–great for the Earth and your PR.

Zero Waste Event

Challenge yourself and your community to a zero waste event. This means making your event entirely eco-friendly. Everything used is reusable, recyclable, and/or biodegradable. This won’t be easy but it will draw a TON of attention and a lot of help will flock your way.

Now that you have 6 strong ways to make your event eco-friendly, let’s take a look at a few green activities to really help you pull off an eco-friendly event.

Activities for Your Eco-Friendly Event:

DIY Paper Baskets: Have a booth demonstrating how to sew and decorate bags and baskets made of recycled materials.

Planting Workshop: Renewing the planet is what it’s all about! Having a planting workshop at your event is educational, fun, and the best way to encourage a green lifestyle.

Donation Booths: Recycling used goods is an ideal way to prevent waste. Manufacturing products like clothes and household items require a lot of energy and water. Get attendees excited about cleaning out their overflowing closets to donate to various booths at your eco-friendly event.

Live Cooking: Agriculture is a huge that needs improvement when it comes to protecting the environment. Having live cooking stations is a great catering option for your event. Have green friendly cooks prepare recipes with organic produce and free-range animal products. The more vegan the menu the greener!

Making your event eco-friendly is a great way to do what you love, give back to the environment, and makes a positive impact. With Earth Day a few months away, now’s the time to get excited to go green!

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