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11 Ways to Make your Event Unforgettable

11 ways to make your event unforgettable

11 Ways to Make your Event Unforgettable

Throwing the best events is such a great challenge to pull off but very rewarding at the same time. People will not forget you, once you host an awesome event. How to make your event memorable? Here are 11 tips to make sure that your guest will always remember the event you made for them:

1. Create a fun and diverse guest list. You should have a good mix of people for your event. This will give a breath of fresh air and a lighter environment that will give people more to talk about.

2. Check the most appropriate location for the type of event. Take these 3 points for consideration:
• Number of guest: Make sure that there is enough room and seats for everyone in your guest list. The venue should not be too roomy or too crowded for the number of guest. Make a guest list and reread it before deciding on a venue.
• Nature of the event. What is the event for? You wouldn’t want a baby shower to be held in a nightclub. (Of course, that’s a little over the top, but you get the idea).
• Budget. Make sure that the accommodation/venue is within your budget.

3. Take note of the schedules of your guest and other events that might happen on the same month. Holding an event both at the same time is less cool than what we see in the movies. How could people appreciate your awesome event if they are not able to attend it?

4. Never underestimate the power of a well-thought-of invitation. This will give your guests an idea regarding the event that you are going to host for them. If you send a unique and personalized invitation, this will give your guests a hint that you are really investing time and effort in the celebration/event.

5. Food and Drinks. Admit it; some people go to events and parties based on the menu. People always “trust their gut”. Kidding aside, the best way to your guest heart is through their stomach (hey, have I heard that before?). Seriously, people may not remember all the faces they’ve seen in your event, but they will always remember the menu and the food. This is a sure trick to make your event unforgettable.

6. Make an attention-grabbing center of attraction! This should go way more than your stunning up-do and party dress. You need an extravagant center piece. It can be a chocolate fountain, a uniquely designed cake, an ice-sculpture or anything that would trigger guests to talk about your event the next day. Make sure it is picturesque to make it through social media!

7. Create the right ambiance. Is it a classy ambiance? Surreal? Solemn? The lighting and the music plays a great part in creating a perfect ambiance for your guests. It is up to you (and your budget) if you are going to play it on a player or hire a professional DJ.

8. Choose a theme. What makes your event standout is the theme and how well everything is put into place by the theme. Make sure everything is properly set up to blend and match—music, your guests, the food, decorations, etc.

9. Confirm attendance. At least a day or two prior to the event, make sure you confirm attendance of all your guests. This will give you a peace of mind and will be able to prepare for extra seats just in case they are going to bring someone—unexpectedly.

10. Remember to send thank you notes. This will serve as a reminder to them about how fun and awesome the event was.

11. Hire a professional event planner. You know you want to be “hands-on” with your event, but do you have time to do all the necessary tasks? Are you able to properly synchronize all your ideas? An honest feedback and guidance of a professional event planner will keep you from having a “disaster” event.

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