If you’ve been on social media lately, you’ll notice hundreds of coaches traveling the world, hosting amazing events and retreats in luxurious locations. Maybe you’re secretly wondering how they’ve been doing it.

Let me fast-track you so don’t have to just dream about it, or telling yourself “I’m not there yet with my business / brand / other excuse”.

You ARE there.

With my help, you can successfully and confidently host your first event with ease, knowing it’s been planned by a true professional that understands the dynamics of an event – big or small.

I’ve helped hundreds of coaches, start-ups and entrepreneurs strategize, market and sell out their events all over the world.

Make it happen and step into YOUR time to shine with a 6 Figure Weekend.

HI THERE! who has already achieved the level of success in business that most people just dream of but you are so ready to go even BIGGER. Because something inside you keeps whispering that you’re meant for more. More Influence. More Income. More Impact.
(And no, you’re not crazy for wanting that)

Seasoned Entrepreneur…

Ready to build (or strengthen) her personal brand and have a full roadmap to rapid growth in business without wasting time on cookie-cutter tactics and business models. You want one-of-a-kind, highly personalized strategy for your brand so you can cut through the online noise- faster.

Fired Up New Entrepreneur… 

Ready to make an everlasting impact in the world and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have what it takes to stand in your power and change the world. One beautiful life at a time.

As an digital event strategist, I have been through it all.

I used to experience the stress and uncertainty that often bubbles up before an event. But, it’s time for you to kick that feeling to the curb and get ready to become a 6 figure-weekend-earning entrepreneur.

I specialize in seeing the bigger picture. You might have very clear ideas about what you want to accomplish with your event, or you may just have broad strokes to share.

Either way, I bring a combo platter of solid event planning and management experience and a very intuitive, perceptive listening ear. Within minutes of our VIP Day, I can visualize your 6 Figure Event Weekend in my head.

You will have the weekend mapped out, ready to implement after a VIP Day with me.

  • A Customized Plan for your most URGENT needs
  • 3 Event Sample Agendas for you to model
  • Alecia’s Top 10 International Event Venue List, that include high vibe locations that are perfect for your next small intimate event or large conference.
  • My Budget Planning Spreadsheet
  • My Biggest “Event OH NO’s and MUST DO’s…” Cheat Sheet (trust me, you NEED this).
  • A Comprehensive List of unique gift ideas for your event, gift totes to WOW your attendees (forget mainstream ideas!)
  • What the secret to sell event tickets for YOUR personal event or workshop
  • How to determine the perfect length and perfect location of your event, to be able to yield incredible results.
  • My Powerful Pricing Strategy so you can easily and confidently state your event prices.
  • Three weeks of Unlimited Email Support
  • A Recording of the VIP Day (3 hours)

Plus Bonuses:

A customized Event Marketing Action Plan Template, so you know exactly how to market your event (valued at $97) 

One 1 hour follow-up call within one month of our VIP Day to keep you on track and moving forward! ($997 Value)

Take the first step with a seasoned digital event strategist who has planned over 7,500 events.

No more guessing or wishing you could host your event.
This VIP Day is perfect for mapping out your first intimate retreat, or large conference.

This VIP Day is for You If:

 You’re ready to unlock your inner event badass and start getting paid at the level you deserve.

You’re sick of trying to make your event come together by endless Google searching, sitting through hours of useless free webinars, and sorting through endless ‘click here’ scams.

You’re coachable & ready to accept advice from someone who has put together 100’s of successful events.

You know if you keep your business as it is, it will not grow and you will remain full of doubt, with a dwindling bank account and confidence.

What To Expect During Our VIP Day:

When you sign up for your 6 Figure Event Planning Weekend with Alecia, you’ll get a welcome letter from me and my team, including a personal video from me, your workbook and templates, plus the option to choose the date/time of your VIP Day.

You’ll also get access to a private FB group just for 6 Figure Weekend VIP members, so that you can start masterminding and strategizing with other event minded individuals!  

It’s a No Brainer: Get a Clear, Step by Step Strategy for your Event

Together, we can engineer a game plan for your first 6 Figure Weekend that works for you the FIRST time, so you can avoid the costly risks and time-wasters that I encountered as a corporate + digital event strategist.

In other words, my mistakes can be your gain — and the full depth of my 12+ years of corporate training, event marketing and strategizing can be ALL yours…in our 4 hours together.

The Process



Fill in the application form to find out if you’re the right fit for this VIP Experience.



I’ll personally review your application and get a sense of who you are, where you are in life & business and if we are made for each other.



Once accepted, you’ll get a AMAZINGG! Email from me with payment instructions (payment plan available).



This is a deep scan of your event ideas, plans and where you need most help with.



After you submit your questionnaire, we’ll have a “pre-event” Event Call (ha!), go over your responses and any additional clarity we may need.



The big day, the day we meet and take your events to the 6 Figure Weekend you desire.. You can choose to have in-person session, or we can have a virtual date.



No momma, I won’t just leave you hanging after our super productive date together! I’ll be keeping tabs on you and making sure you have all you need to implement what we discuss.



You’ll have unlimited access to me via email to ask me questions, brainstorm or just get a second opinion on things.

Do you want an in person 6-figure weekend VIP Day with Alecia? 

Want to meet on the shores of Costa Rica? Or perhaps you have your event venue already booked, and want to visualize your event at the actual space. Have questions? Send me an email to book your In Person VIP Day.

Virtual VIP Day – $1997 (via Zoom)


In Person VIP Day – $2997 (5 hours – Anywhere in the World)

I’ve designed this 6 FIGURE WEEKEND in a way that shortens your learning curve, gives you access to the behind the scenes of a multi-six figure business and maximize your growth- faster.

When you implement everything we create together, you won’t need to invest thousands of dollars in additional business resources to take your business to the next level.

And most importantly, you won’t have any excuses to keep procrastinating or getting bogged down with perfectionism or confusion.

Instead, you’ll get more stuff done that most people do in months (and even years!).

Our 6-Figure Weekend VIP Schedule:

So let me give you a rundown:

10:00AM – 11:00AM – 60 Minute Clarity + Mindset Session
11:00AM – 11.15AM – Break
11.30AM – 12.30PM – 60 Minute Event Strategy Session
012.30PM – 01.00PM – Closing + Q/A