Download freebies, guides and online trainings on how to plan your next entrepreneurial event.

I’m so glad you are here. I’ve come with so many different freebies and resources for you to download. Whether you need a cheat sheet, checklist, guide or want to watch my online trainings, I’ve got you covered. All of these are absolutely free (and hey who doesn’t love free?!)

Current Freebies

How To Fill Your Seats + Sell out Your Event

Access my free video training on how to get the RIGHT people at your event, fill your seats and make money. Plus I’ve included a bonus Event Marketing Checklist + Downloadable PDF.

FREE | Online Course | 1 Hour Training


7 Day Event Planning Challenge

Are you ready to change the way you plan events? This 7 Day Free Event Planning Challenge will boost your productivity in planning your next VIP Session, Coaching Retreat or Meeting.

FREE | Email Course | 7 Days

Plan Your Event for Success Guide

Download your FREE GUIDE to creating a blueprint to your next VIP Coaching, Mastermind, Meeting, Session or Event!

✔ Get EXACT clarity on how to set the tone and position your brand for your event.

✔ Save time and troubles LATER by knowing the ins and outs of your event early on.

✔ Get a comprehensive look into achieving your goals through an event.

FREE | Downloadable PDF | 8+ Pages