How to Market your Event like a Boss Lady!

Your guide to marketing the H-E-double-hockey-sticks out of your event.

Learn how to make your next event a 6-figure event by creating the right buzz and engaging the right people with:

  • Marketing tips and tactics for before, during, and after your event
  • Worksheets and checklists to supplement each module
  • BONUS material to help make you an absolute event marketing mastermind

You know as well as I do that being a woman entrepreneur is hard, hands down. NO ONE is going to argue with that.

And then what about when you’re trying to plan your first event, like that inspirational conference with those amazing speakers you managed to snag? Well, you have to figure out the schedule, book vendors, secure the venue, find accommodations, map out transportation…AND market the damn thing so you create enough buzz to sell tickets and fill all those lovely seats that you’re currently mapping out on the set-up diagram!

Someone pour me a glass of wine, please,
because I need to calm my frazzled nerves.

If you’re feeling the same way, I don’t blame you.

That’s a lot of stuff to handle, even if you have a support team. I know you feel like Wonder Woman (as we all should, really, with everything we manage to accomplish on a daily basis!) but let me tell you something – you don’t have to shoulder the entire weight of this on your own.

There was a time when I was still trying to figure out the best way to plan and market my events and “overwhelmed” doesn’t even begin to describe some of the scenarios I found myself in.

But then I finally nailed the perfect event marketing strategy and it made my life a whole lot easier.


Now I want to pass this knowledge onto you because if I can save you from all the stresses and struggles of trying to create the perfect marketing plan for your event…it will all have been worth it.

Really. Why would I want to keep this to myself if I can make another womanpreneur’s life that much easier?

So, everything I’ve learned from the thousands of events I’ve planned and marketed over the years is now packed into my Event Marketing Course For Women Entrepreneurs, which will pave the way for your next 6-figure event.  

And this super detailed course can be yours for just $297.

So if you’re feeling the way I once did and just don’t know where to start in terms of marketing 

the hell out of your event…girl, I’ve got your back.

My Event Marketing Course For Women Entrepreneurs lays it all out for you.
You’ll get 4 modules packed with information and tips to help you create the perfect buzz around your event.

Here’s what you’ll get your hands on:

Module 1:


  • Lesson 1: Let’s Break Down Your Event: Getting Started
  • Lesson 1: The Five W’s of your Event Worksheet
  • Lesson 2: Headlines & Descriptions That’ll Make ‘Em “Swipe Right”
  • Lesson 2: Worksheet for your Event Headlines + Descriptions
  • Lesson 3: Know your Audience + What They Need/Want
  • Lesson 3: Target Market Buyer Persona Template Worksheet
  • Lesson 4: The Power of Knowledge (And What To Do With It)
  • Lesson 4: Events + More Research Action Worksheet
  • Lesson 2: Worksheet for your Event Headlines + Descriptions


Module 2:


  • Lesson 1: Pre- Event Marketing Matters: Engage & Excite The Right Way
  • Lesson 1: Content Calendar Template for Your Event
  • Lesson 2: Ground Breaking Networking + How to Stand Out From a Crowded World
  • Lesson 2: Worksheet – Getting the Word Out + Action Plan
  • Lesson 3a: Marketing Plan Worksheet + Example
  • Lesson 3: Creating An Effective Marketing Plan
  • Lesson 3b: Your Event Sales Script Action Worksheet + Example
  • Lesson 4: Email Marketing – When and How to use Emails for your Event
  • Lesson 4: Email Marketing Plan + Action Worksheet


Module 3:


  • Lesson 1: How To Hack Social Media
  • Lesson 1: Worksheet for Prospect Partners + Affiliates – Action Template
  • Lesson 2: You Don’t Have To Do It Alone – Sponsorships For Your Event + Leveraging Partnerships & Affiliates
  • Lesson 2: Worksheet – Focus of Event (Press Release Template + Example)
  • Lesson 3: Build your Funnel + Event Sales Page
  • Lesson 3: Build your Sales Funnel Worksheet + Template
  • Lesson 4: Selling Time as the Value: The Psychology Behind It
  • Worksheet – Incentify + Flirt with your Prospective Attendees



Module 4:


  • Lesson 1: Getting Out There & The Secret to Follow-Ups
  • Lesson 1 Worksheet: Follow Up Template + Action Plan
  • Lesson 2: Expect Challenges Events Typically Face & How to Solve Them + Eat Them For Breakfast
  • Lesson 2: Slides Download
  • Lesson 2: Journal Worksheet for Overcoming Challenges
  • Lesson 3 BONUS: Day Before + After Your Event (What to Do)


And that’s not even all of it!


I’ll teach you how to figure out buyer personas and get inside the brains of attendees so you can think about the event from their point of view! Still not sure how to handle email marketing without crossing the line into spam-town? No worries, that’s covered. What about adding incentives to promote your event?

Yep, I talk about that, too.

Not spending hours upon torturous hours struggling to map out a successful marketing strategy because you know exactly who you’re targeting and what will draw them in like 5-year olds to the jingle of an ice cream truck on a sweltering summer’s day

Being able to cut your expenses because you’ve found an awesome sponsor to chip in on costs (and they’re perfectly aligned with your branding!)

Feeling like a kickass boss lady who knows she’s going to nail event after event and sell ‘em out every single time

Having a super catchy and enticing landing page for your event that gets people clicking and talking

Not panicking that you haven’t sold enough tickets…because you’ve completely sold out weeks before!

Having a tried-and-true list of contacts who you know you can rely on to get the word out about your events

Sounds pretty damn good, right?

Waw! I was very impressed by this course. It has everything you need to market your event with confidence. The lessons are really thorough and help us anticipate and think about some of the things I might easily overlook when planning my retreat.
You can tell that Alecia has remarkable knowledge in event planning (both the practical planning side as well as the business side, which is a big plus!). I appreciate the fact that she uses real past events as examples. Her forms, worksheets, and scripts are lifesavers!   This makes the course very hands-on. They are going straight to my event folder.
I loved that Alecia even addressed how to deal with possible objections. After completing this course I feel confident and ready to market my upcoming event!
Linda Enoh

Empowerment Coach

If I tried to tally up the true cost of this guide…we’d be here all day. I’m not so proud that I can’t admit I’ve made several (OK, a ton of) mistakes and they’ve cost me, whether it was from unsold tickets, out-of-pocket expenses, or money wasted on the wrong marketing materials. But the good thing to come out of it is now you can benefit from my mistakes!

Oh, Plus!

You also get BONUS MATERIALS! Get awesome extras like my event sales script and the event email sequence cheat sheet when you buy this course now!

Trust me, if there’s anything you want to know about event marketing, it’s probably in here.

Your time is valuable – why waste it on hemming and hawing over how to market your event? I’m sure there are plenty of other things you’d rather be doing!


So what are you waiting for?

Click here to get YOUR event marketing course that will save you time and put more money in your pockets.

PS…If you also want super insight into rocking the event planning process, check out my Event Planning For Women Entrepreneurs course. If you’ve ever wanted to pick an event planner’s brain apart to learn what to do/not to do when planning an event, whether it’s an intimate retreat or a mega-conference, this is your chance!

PPS…You can also learn more about the secrets to snagging those coveted sponsorships in my Sponsorships Sales Strategy Course. This can be some tricky and intimidating stuff but I’ve broken it down to make it super approachable and easy to understand!