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Ah, the wonderful world of hybrid events! Have you gone down that rabbit hole yet? With nearly 60% of event organizers and

Our world has undergone a pivotal shift this past year in many ways. In the world of events, virtual has reigned supreme

Now that the world is opening up post-pandemic, more and more companies are looking towards the future of their event strategies. One

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Nearly 70% of event professionals are sharing that their reason for adding hybrid events to their strategy is to attract more attendees.

Now that the pandemic has started to fade and people are starting to gather again, the popularity of hybrid events is on

As we start to look forward in the world of events, many are starting to wonder what their 2021 or 2022 event

The question all event managers, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and the world has been asking recently is, “What does the future of events look

There’s a new era of events on the horizon. While the pandemic may be fading and live events are making a comeback,

Whether you’ve been voluntold you’re on the sponsorship committee or are an event manager that wears all the hats, finding virtual event

Virtual events come in all shapes and sizes these days. With the advent of the worldwide web, there really is no limitation

Whether you’re an aspiring speaker or a leader who has been asked to speak at a virtual event, how you plan to

Now that the world is opening up again, what will events look like? It’s a question everyone is asking. While in-person events


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