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Whether you’re an aspiring speaker or a leader who has been asked to speak at a virtual event, how you plan to

Now that the world is opening up again, what will events look like? It’s a question everyone is asking. While in-person events

No matter what business or industry you’re in, it’s no secret that events can be a crucial part of business strategy to

Virtual events aren’t going anywhere, even as the world starts to open up again. And we’re here for it, because we’ve seen

When it comes to virtual events, content is king (or queen—whatever you prefer). You don’t have the distractions and interactions that you

The world of virtual events has provided so much opportunity for companies seeking ways to connect with their teams, partners, and customers

Clubhouse is all the rage these days. The newest social network to enter the scene, this chatroom-based, invite-only platform is creating a

Anyone else not sure how it’s been a year since the onset of the pandemic? A year of Google searches for “best

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that over half of businesses planning on investing more in their virtual events in 2021.

Event ROI (return on investment) has always been a mysterious beast for many companies and event planners. Over half of event professionals

In a world where sponsorship spending reaches nearly $70 billion dollars a year, it’s time to show us the money, friends! As

It’s no secret that the number of organizations hosting virtual events doubled in the past year. But with everything new comes a


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