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what's your year-long sponsorship strategy to land event sponsors?

When you look at your marketing campaigns and your sales tactics for your business, what are they guided by? They’re all centered

Struggling with how to diversify your live event revenue? Read this.

Have you been back out on the road again recently? If so, you aren’t alone. Nearly 75% of people are ready to

Sustainable events are leading the charge, are you prepared to make a difference?

Once you decide you’re going to host an event, we always recommend that the first thing you do is take a look

virtual event production team questions you should ask

Tech is challenging whether you’re hosting your first virtual event or your one-hundredth virtual event. If you’re not a trained A/V technician

you're going to need coffee to host your first event

There comes a time for every business to ask themselves the question, “Is my business ready to host its first event?” We

NFTs for Event Sponsorship & Engagement are the newest event trend you need to know.

Gamification is a mysterious word as it can mean about a million and one different things. But in the event world, event

Planning a transformational group mastermind retreat isn't easy, but these tips will help!

Events aren’t just a fun way to celebrate. They’re huge revenue drivers and big connection makers. In a day and age where

Hosting your first live event? Read this first.

As a professional managing multiple events simultaneously, your brain is constantly going in a million and one directions. How many times have

We share with you all the do’s and don’ts for your hybrid event.

It’s time to embrace hybrid events, guys. And part of embracing hybrid is understanding the do’s and don’ts for your hybrid event

Sustainable events are leading the charge, are you prepared to make a difference?

If you’re spending your hard-earned money on something, what do you check? You look at reviews, star ratings, product user experiences. Now,

All About Networking at Virtual Events

It’s no secret that COVID cases are on the rise again across the globe. Therefore, many companies are continuing to focus their

What Event Format is Right for You?

Five years ago, heck two years ago, event planning was a little simpler. You chose your event goals, selected a location, picked


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