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For so long I searched for a group of ladies who shared an interest in personal and business growth and development. But, I kept running into unreasonable prices. I thought

“What about the rest of us!?”

I am increasing affordability WITHOUT sacrificing value.

It’s time we made our very own Mastermind Group. And that’s how GROW SESSIONS WITH ALECIA was born!

So, are you In need of strong female energy and support?
What about a small community that drives you toward your personal & business goals?

Who should join:

 You’re a strong entrepreneur hustling to see your business grow

 You have an amazing set of skills which led you to start your own business doing what you love to do.

 BUT… building a company from scratch includes mastering certain skills where you might need a little support. You might be awesome at marketing or business strategy, but what about accountability?

 You want to know what other women in your shoes are doing to succeed

Each week we will:

 List Goals & Intentions Every Week

 Name 3-5 Actionable Items We Will Work On

 Tailor Inspiration to Become the Visionary of Our Own Lives

 Daily Support & Accountability

 Address Fears & Concerns to Unleash Your Potential & Passion

 Monthly Expert Panels and Discussions

Who We Are:

 Women Committed to Putting in the Work to Get Results

 Ready to Embrace Change


 Maintain a Sense of Shared Endeavors

 Prepared to Challenge Everything We Thought We Knew (Think outside the box!)

 Active at Maintaining a Positive Outlook

For only $97/month it’s time to become the biz owner that has it all. Join at any time. Cancel at any time.

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