Hey, I’m Alecia.

I have a lot of titles (Mommy-In-Charge being one of them) but around here, I’m a Transformational Event Strategist for womenpreneurs who want to take their events from “ho hum” to “hot damn!”.

I’ve spent the last 12 years living and breathing events. From the planning, all the way straight through to the execution, I’ve worked with individuals spanning a wide variety of industries, interests, and objectives. My passion lies in delivering amazing experiences to all of my clients – it doesn’t matter if you’re throwing an intimate soiree of 10 or a no-expenses-spared 5,000 person gala.

Before I even entered the event planning realm, I was always busy THINKING, CREATING, and DOING, making my visions come to life. At the ripe old age of 7, I decided to start my own business making and selling beaded jewelry. Those necklaces, bracelets, and anklets turned out to be a pretty big hit and my family showed support by taking me to fairs and setting up my booth. I managed to pull in hundreds of dollars in sales which, in 7-year-old terms, was like being a multi-millionaire!

That was my first taste of success at creating and running a business, as well as gaining a glimmer of insight into what it takes to be a businesswoman. The entrepreneurial bug bit me hard and I’ve been going strong ever since. My passions for creativity, business, and working with inspiring women have given me the chance to build an online women’s community, buy a dance studio (which I still run), open a preschool, and finally, become a transformational event strategist, which brings us to the here and now.


I know how hard it is to start your own business and to find the right kind of support.

Today, you can’t just be good at something – you have to really put yourself out there, be sophisticated about branding and marketing, and create and consistently maintain an image that resonates with your audience. Being your own boss is both one of the most exhilarating experiences as well as one of the most consuming.

Now that I’ve found a way to make an impact and leave my mark on this world, it’s my mission to help as many incredible women entrepreneurs as possible by collaborating with you and creating events that match your passion, energy, and vibe.

My event planning and marketing services know no borders, either. Really. I have an extensive international background with a robust network of the best venues and vendors worldwide, and I am a savvy negotiator in Spanish, French, and Italian.

California (Lake Tahoe, San Francisco), Florida (Miami, Tampa, Sarasota), Georgia (Savannah), Illinois (Chicago), Indiana (Indianapolis), Louisiana (New Orleans), Massachusetts (Boston), Michigan (Detroit), Missouri (St. Louis), Nevada (Las Vegas), New Jersey (Atlantic City), New York (New York City), Oregon (Portland), Pennsylvania (Philadelphia), South Carolina (Charleston, Myrtle Beach), Tennessee (Memphis, Nashville), Washington (Seattle), Wisconsin (Milwaukee)

Amsterdam, Australia, Canada (Niagara Falls, Toronto, Vancouver), Chile, China, Costa Rica, Dubai, England (London), France, Italy, Singapore, Turkey… and more.


Tell me, where are we off to next?

The only limit to making your next event absolutely amazing is your imagination.

Not sure what exactly you need or are looking for? No prob.

Book a “Get To Know You” call with me to gain some clarity!

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